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The Greatness 100

What does the term “greatness” mean to you?

For many, it’s building a globally recognized brand. For others, it’s creating art that jumpstarts a movement. Here at Greatness Media, we believe true greatness exists at the intersection of immense influence and positive impact. No matter what “common belief” says, there IS a way to achieve all your dreams while remaining service-minded. There IS a way to achieve greatness without losing your goodness – and today, the individuals who epitomize this are proof of that belief. We want to shine a light on, champion, and recognize people living out their greatness LOUDLY. And as a result, hopefully empower others to do the same.

But who are these pioneers? Who are the industry innovators embodying greatness and leaving a lasting impact on the world? We wanted to find out. And after sifting and searching the internet far and wide, we’re confident we’ve found the people who are reshaping, redefining, and reimagining the relationship between success and service. The trendsetters, the trailblazers, and the disruptors – they’re all right here. Over 500 people were considered, lots were worthy, but these are the 100 who rose to the top…

Some important notes to keep in mind: The Greatness 100 list is in NO particular order, and priority was given to initiatives that took place in 2022. To learn more about the step-by-step process of creating the Greatness 100, along with our criteria for the list, check out the bottom of this page.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson


“One of the defining, seminal moments in my life was when I really realized the power and the value of asking for help.”

If you’ve spent any time on the internet in 2022, Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson’s face is sure to have popped up. From starring in blockbuster movies like Black Adam (a passion project he had invested nearly a decade into) to creating his product line with Under Armour, Johnson dedicates his life to building an empire on entertainment, health, and wellness.

When you look at all he has accomplished, it’s easy to think this guy has to be one of the hardest-working individuals in the world, and you’d be right. However, he doesn’t take all the glory for his hard work. Johnson is avidly outspoken about how communication and the people he surrounds himself with help him overcome his lifelong battle with depression.

“Asking for help is not our weakness. It’s actually our superpower.”

To top it off, “The Rock” recently donated $100,000 to Make-A-Wish and regularly partners with them to help the dreams of at-risk and terminally ill children come true.

Because of Dwayne Johnson’s dedication to strive for personal greatness, willingness to be vulnerable about his personal challenges, and desire to create a better world by lifting up others, we’re proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

If you’d like to keep up with everything going on in Dwayne Johnson’s universe, be sure to follow him on social media, where he regularly shares first-hand insights into his life!

Gary Vaynerchuk


“Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.”

If you scroll through any social media platform long enough, you’re bound to come across content from business entrepreneur and social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuk. As a Belarusian immigrant to the United States in 1978, he truly showcases the beauty of the American dream. While his first business venture was selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of baseball trading cards in North Hunderton High School in New Jersey, Gary later became the co-founder of restaurant reservation app Resy and owner of VaynerMedia.

Looking at Gary’s success and positive reception since the 2000s, you might think he’s reaching the pinnacle of his success story, but he continues to grow both his media brand and his contributions to the world. Recently, Gary teamed up with esteemed entrepreneur and Fanatics Executive Chairman Michael Rubin for a one-of-a-kind 12-hour TikTok livestream to help raise money to feed families during the pandemic.

“Learn that vulnerability is a strength … this one is hard … but it’s a lesson I think a lot of people could really get value from this year! You don’t need to spill all your tea, but you need to put yourself out there and not worry about ‘them.’”

Gary is an outstanding example of a successful entrepreneur that strives to help others. His willingness to be vulnerable about his own hardships and continually strive for individual greatness is just one of the many traits that put him in the 2022 Greatness 100.

If you’re eager to keep up with Gary Vaynerchuk and his story, follow him on social media, where he has a combined 44 million followers!

Kevin Hart


“No matter what, people grow. If you choose not to grow, you’re staying in a small box with a small mindset.”

Regardless of their particular interests or inclination towards stand-up comedy, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone unfamiliar with Kevin Hart. From productions as recent as 2022’s Hart to Heart, stretching all the way back to his Massachusetts stand-up beginnings in the late 90s, Kevin Hart has centered his life around bringing joy to audiences through laughter. 

Though he is immensely successful now, Hart hasn’t always been universally loved for his comedic chops. After struggling initially, Hart found his rhythm in comedy by delving into his own insecurities and life experiences — a process which he has openly found to be difficult and vulnerable. 

In 2017, Hart founded the global media and production company Laugh Out Loud with the goal of providing comedic opportunities for talent of all ethnicities worldwide. 

In 2022, Kevin Hart teamed up with “The Children’s Place” and participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the organization’s first community learning center at NYC Parks’ Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center. This is a part of the children’s retailer’s 2022 Back-to-School campaign, where they “revitalize 10 public spaces in local communities as learning centers across the country and donate books, school supplies, and products to today’s youth.”

Kevin Hart exudes the core principles of greatness and illustrates how vulnerability can be a key component to connecting with others, making him a welcome addition to the 2022 Greatness 100.  To keep up with all things Kevin Hart, follow his social media accounts, where he consistently posts updates on his career and personal life!

Serena Williams


“I have never liked the word ‘retirement.’ It doesn’t feel like a modern word to me.”

In 2022, 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams indicated she would be retiring from the world of professional tennis — a news headline that had the sports world dizzy. However, Serena claims that she isn’t necessarily retiring from tennis so much as she’s “evolving away” from it following her defeat in the 2022 U.S. Open

After her announcement, she remarked how strange it felt to get on the court and play, knowing she was not preparing for a coming competition. 

“It felt like the first day of the rest of my life and I’m enjoying it, but I’m still trying to find that balance.”

Williams isn’t known solely for her talent on the tennis courts, however. As the world’s second-highest-earning female athlete, she has made substantial philanthropic contributions to various organizations. 

In recognition of her long standing desire to help children, Serena teamed up with UNICEF and traveled to Ghana to lend support to the organization’s largest health campaign; after five years, she was named a Goodwill Ambassador. Serena has made it her life’s work to help disadvantaged children get an education through her work as the UNICEF Schools for Africa initiative’s patron.

Serena Williams is a force to be reckoned with both on and off the court, and her drive to help others and her incredible determination to leverage her position to inspire underprivileged children are just two of the many reasons we have included her in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

To keep an eye on all the exciting things she does as she transitions away from tennis, follow Serena on social media!

Michelle Obama


“At 54, I am still in progress, and I hope that I always will be.”

As the first African American woman to serve as First Lady of the United States during the Obama administration from 2009 to 2017, Michelle Obama became an American icon. A full list of the incredible work she has done would be extensive, so we’re just going to skim the surface in this post. In addition to serving as first lady, Michelle Obama is a lawyer and author. 

Through her four main initiatives, she became a role model for women and an advocate for healthy families, service members and their families, higher education, and international adolescent girls’ education. 

Michelle Obama also championed many causes during her time in the White House, including aiding military families and putting an end to childhood obesity. In order to promote healthy eating, she planted a vegetable garden on the White House’s South Lawn in 2009. Its vegetables and fruits were served at the White House itself and donated to soup kitchens and food banks. 

In the uplifting follow-up to her critically acclaimed, number one best-selling novel Becoming, former First Lady Michelle Obama gives practical advice and effective techniques for maintaining optimism and equilibrium in today’s increasingly uncertain world in her most recent book, The Light We Carry.

“I have learned that as long as I hold fast to my beliefs and values, then the only expectations I need to live up to are my own.”

As one of the most influential women of the past generation, it’s no surprise that Michelle Obama is included in The 2022 Greatness 100 list.  Follow her on social media to keep up with her incredible work!

Cesar Millan


“I have never met a dog I couldn’t help. However, I have met humans who weren’t willing to change.”

Widely known for his Emmy-nominated television series, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, Cesar Millan is a New York Times bestselling author and renowned dog behaviorist. Prior to his successful TV series, Millan focused on rehabilitating severely aggressive dogs and founded a rehab complex, The Dog Psychology Center, in 2002. 

Rescue and animal welfare organizations continue to recognize and honor him for his dedication to improving the lives of animals and their connections with humans around the world. The Bergin University of Canine Studies has also presented Millan with an honorary master’s degree.

In 2007, Millan formally established the Cesar Millan Foundation, a national non-profit organization dedicated to aiding and supporting the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of injured and abandoned dogs.

More recently, Millan formally launched his latest charity, the Cesar Millan PACK Project, a national non-profit organization that aims to enhance the health, happiness, and harmony of dogs and humans by assisting both species in learning from and supporting one another. Its recent initiative with Zappos assisted in the adoption of 11,000 dogs.

Millan’s dedication to ensuring animals are treated with kindness and respect is one of the many reasons he is included in The 2022 Greatness 100. To keep up with his career and philanthropic work, check him out on social media!



“I want to continue to work to dismantle systemic imbalances. I want to continue to turn these industries upside down.”

Part of achieving greatness is committing to constantly transform and push the boundaries of who you are and what you stand for. We’re not meant to stagnate but to evolve constantly — that’s what makes for a meaningful life and meaningful impact. 

That’s exactly what Beyoncé Knowles has done. In her decades-long career, she’s dropped 9 original albums, earned 28 Grammy Awards (the second-highest artist on record to do so), and joined Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney in the Billboard Top 100 honors, all while continuing to remain fresh and relevant. It’s no easy feat.

In 2022, she showed us yet another iteration of her creative prowess. With the most highly celebrated album of the year, Queen Bey’s Renaissance pays homage to Black history, Queer history, and club and dance culture, all of which are deeply intertwined in music history.

What’s more, the chart-topping album is guaranteed to make you dance. The pandemic-era production feels ecstatic and liberating now that some of the hardest years in memory are in the rearview mirror. From social consciousness to emotional and artistic expression, Beyoncé delivers on all fronts. 

Plus, she’s addressing many of the biggest social issues we’ve been facing in recent times. She’s committed to ensuring her crew is safe and secure via “#MeToo” and mental health check-ins. Not to mention, she continues to be a role model for powerful, ambitious women of color everywhere. It’s for all of these reasons that we’re proud to include her in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

Keep up with Beyoncé on social!

Trevor Noah


For the past seven years, Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, brought his witty commentary and analysis to the biggest issues of the day. In September 2022, he announced that he was moving on —  not because anything was wrong, but because he wanted to end his career there on a positive note. 

“My time is up. We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together. It’s time.”

Noah’s story is inspiring. The South African comedian was the child of a black woman and a white man during apartheid, and growing up, his parents had to hide him from the authorities. As he outlines in his book Born a Crime, his very existence was considered a threat.

Apartheid ended when he was ten, and Noah went on to show exceptional talent as a TV show host and comedian in South Africa. Noah has expressed that having these opportunities stems from his education. That’s why he created the nonprofit, The Trevor Noah Foundation

“We tell people to follow their dreams, but you can only dream of what you can imagine, and, depending on where you come from, your imagination can be quite limited.”

Noah achieved international recognition by appearing on The Daily Show when John Stewart hosted 2014. In 2015, he took over the show from Stewart, a feat many people didn’t think he could achieve. But he did pull it off, leveraging his experience as a millennial immigrant to put his own spin on political and social issues. 

Leaving The Daily Show is just the beginning of this new chapter in Noah’s career. He’ll be hosting the 2023 Grammy’s for the third year in a row, making him one of the few hosts in history to have that honor. His outstanding ability to reach lofty goals and his heart for others are two reasons why we’re proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

Want to follow along with Noah? Follow along with him on social.

Jay Shetty


“When you learn a little, you feel you know a lot. But when you learn a lot, you realize you know very little.”

If you’ve followed Jay Shetty at all, you already know that humility and gratitude are at the core of his teachings. He constantly encourages people to be students of life whether it’s in romance, spirituality, or life purpose. 

In 2022, the social media sensation, author, coach, and speaker announced a 2023 speaking tour following the release of his latest book, 8 Rules of Love. A handbook on love, the greatest power in the universe, written from this former monk’s perspective is exciting to say the least.

“Too often we love people who don’t love us, but we fail to return the love of others who do.”

The man knows a thing or two about transformation. As a guest on The School of Greatness, he’s described his transition from aspiring art director and rebellious young man into self-sacrificing monk who eventually chose to re-enter the world sharing spiritual insights in practical, accessible terms.

As a philanthropist, he’s helped raise money for children’s foundations that fight child slavery and lack of education.  He also helps countless people around the world as a spiritual influencer, through Calm app’s Daily Jay, and as host of On Purpose — the #1 health and wellness podcast in the world. It’s for all of these reasons that we’re proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

Interested in hearing some of his insights? Follow Shetty on social:

Mel Robbins


“Greatness is simply having the courage to try, no matter how scared or uncertain you feel. Greatness is doing it anyway.”

Perfection isn’t possible, but your subconscious will convince you that it is and sabotage your success. Overthinking and obsessing can cripple you if you don’t get a handle on them. Confidence is key. You are your own hero. These are all sentiments from Mel Robbins, a motivational speaker, author, and lawyer who has helped countless people around the world.

Having been through major transformation herself, it’s Mel’s mission to help others do the same. She knows about change — what works, what doesn’t, what’s in your way, and she wants to bring that knowledge everywhere. Some of her words are hard-hitting, like a bucket of cold water to the face. But it’s what many people need to hear.

“You need to hear this loud and clear: No one is coming. It is up to you.”

Every Monday, listeners tune in to The Mel Robbins Podcast to start their week off pumped and ready for a fresh start. Every Thursday, they look forward to more content that inspires them and encourages them to drop the excuses that keep them stuck.

Her books, TED Talks, tours, and community have earned her recognition as one of the world’s leading experts on motivation and self-growth. Readers have described her books, like The 5 Second Rule, as life saving. For all these reasons and more, we’re proud to name Mel Robbins as part of our list, the 2022 Greatness 100. 

Want to keep up with what Mel’s doing? Follow along with her on social.

Andrew Huberman


“There is an interesting principle that states, ‘You cannot control the mind with the mind.’ What you should do instead is look to the body.”

Humans have been trying to understand how to conquer their minds ever since we’ve existed. While mystics of centuries past relied on intuition to define and understand how we work, today’s scientists are catching up and showing in concrete terms how we can overcome self-limiting thought patterns and behaviors. Dr. Andrew Huberman is one such luminary.

The neuroscientist and tenured professor in the neurobiology, psychiatry, and behavioral sciences department at Stanford School of Medicine has shared his expertise on positive thinking, motivation, nutrition,  and much more as a guest on The School of Greatness. And in 2022, Huberman Lab continued to make incredible strides forward in the fields of neuroplasticity, brain function, and brain development. 

“Trying to control the mind with the mind is like trying to grab fog. It’s just going to keep moving. … The key is to take control of a real physical entity — the phrenic nerve.”

What’s more, he has a world-class podcast through which he inspires people to take charge of their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. From helping insomniacs sleep to overcoming compulsive eating to treating OCD, he shares life-changing information with audiences far and wide. For all these reasons and more, we’re proud to name Andrew Huberman among our Greatness 100.

Want to dive into Dr. Huberman’s latest discoveries? Follow him on social:

Gabby Bernstein


“Don’t dance around the perimeter of who you’re here to be. Dive in fully and completely.”

Gabby Bernstein is a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, international speaker, podcast host, thought leader, and a self-described “Spirit Junkie.” 

She’s made a tremendous impact with her new book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, where she details how to adopt the right mindset and practices to overcome anxiety and trauma in order to live happier and with inner peace. New York Times bestselling author and clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali Tsabary described the book as a “game-changer filled with honesty and openness.” 

In addition to her work as an author, you may be familiar with her podcast, Dear Gabby, a show that provides practical, real-time coaching that helps listeners live with more joy and confidence while attracting abundance. In 2022, she hosted her one-hundredth episode titled “Your Manifesting Jumpstart!,” and she continues helping her listeners with weekly episodes. 

Gabby embodies the definition of greatness through her dedication to helping others in their spiritual and emotional lives, and she never stops emphasizing the importance of loving and giving to others. We’re proud to include her in the 2022 Greatness 100.

“I learned that real happiness doesn’t come from getting but from giving.”

If you’d like to learn all about Gabby’s continuing spiritual journey and life-changing guidance, you can check out her website and follow her on social media!

Eric Thomas


“Start where you are with what you have because what you have is plenty.”

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a great comeback, you need to know the incredible story of Eric Thomas, Ph.D., also known as ET, The Hip Hop Preacher. He went from being homeless on the streets of Detroit to becoming an acclaimed speaker, author, and pastor. 

Eric inspired millions in 2022 with his speaking engagements, coaching, social media, and exceptional podcast that he co-hosts with Carlas Quinney Jr., Karl Phillips, and Jemal King, The Secret to Success

Additionally, he released his most recent book, You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why. This book is a game-changer for motivating you toward action and believing in yourself to accomplish the impossible. 

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

He’s also made a huge difference in the lives of millions through The School Days Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students and educators with motivational programs and outreach in lower-income communities. In 2022, Eric and The School Days Foundation took a group of students to Super Bowl LVI, one of the many trips that he organized to empower kids toward greatness.

With Eric’s dedication to inspiring and helping others, we’re proud to include him in 2022’s Greatness 100. 

Looking for a jolt of inspiration? Check out Eric’s website and social media, where he posts tons of enjoyable and motivating content! 

Tom Bilyeu


“Fulfillment is all that matters. Don’t chase money. Don’t chase fame. Don’t chase success.”

Even if you’re unfamiliar with Tom Bilyeu, you’ve likely at least heard of one his most noteworthy accomplishments: Quest Nutrition. Tom founded Quest Nutrition along with Ron Penna and Mike Osborn, and within only three years, he grew the company by 57,000%. Today, Quest is worth over a billion dollars.

Tom developed his company through two things — his unparalleled hard work and mindset. He adopted the belief  that although he may never be the greatest at anything, he works as if he will someday. This mindset inspires him to work arduously at what he wants to accomplish, setting him apart from others and guaranteeing results. 

Even though Tom grew his personal wealth to hundreds of millions of dollars, he continues working hard to grow his brand and inspire others in the process. Back in 2016, he launched the media company Impact Theory along with his wife, Lisa, to promote the power of human potential and motivate others to accomplish tremendous feats. 

The company releases weekly episodes of Impact Theory that feature guidance and inspiration from some of the most successful and influential individuals. Some of his guests of 2022 included Tony Robbins, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jaspreet Singh

In 2022, he and Lisa also expanded their outreach significantly by debuting Impact Theory episodes in Spanish. 

“We are committed to spreading stories of empowerment to our global communities.”

Tom and Lisa Bilyeu

We’re so happy to include Tom in our 2022 Greatness 100 list because he’s made such a tremendous impact educating and inspiring millions to achieve great things. 

You can learn from Tom through the Impact Theory website and his social media. 

Ed Mylett


“Real human beings help real human beings by being vulnerable and transparent.”

Ed Mylett has made an impressive name for himself through his successful entrepreneurial endeavors, keynote speaking, performance coaching, and The Ed Mylett Show. He was featured on Forbes’ 50 Wealthiest Under 50 list, and he also authored the bestselling book #Max Out Your Life: Strategies for Becoming an Elite Performer

In 2022, he went to work inspiring many through his new #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success. This inspiring book is the ultimate guide for those looking to accomplish their professional and personal goals. 

Ed also debuted a new show, Change with Ed Mylett, which you can stream for free on Nosey. On this show, Ed works with troubled guests to uncover the underlying issues that stop them from living a happier, more confident life.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”

What sets Ed apart as a truly phenomenal individual is his authenticity. If you watch The Ed Mylett Show or Change with Ed Mylett, you can tell that he genuinely cares for others and that he’s great at listening and empowering individuals to live with more self-confidence as they strive toward greatness. 

With Ed’s phenomenal impact on both a large scale and individual level through his coaching, books, and shows, we’re thrilled to feature him in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

If you’re ready to feel inspired, check out Ed Mylett’s newsletter and social media.

Steven Bartlett


“Self-awareness is realizing that there is no opponent — you’re fighting against yourself.”

30-year-old author, businessman, and content creator Steven Barlett had a busy year in 2022. From becoming the youngest entrepreneur to join the hit BBC show Dragon’s Den a reality show similar to NBC’s Shark Tank — to releasing numerous episodes of his podcast The Diary of a CEO, Steven showcased his tremendous knowledge in business and investing. 

In The Diary of a CEO, Steven interviews highly influential and successful experts and industry leaders, and his candid interviews aim to help his listeners live with more fulfillment and gratitude

Steven got his start in the entrepreneurial world with Social Chain, a multi-million dollar social media marketing agency that he started at age 21. He launched what is now a $600-million-dollar company from his bedroom in Manchester, England after dropping out of Manchester Metropolitan University. Additionally, he co-founded thirdweb, an open-source tool for managing, analyzing, and building web3 apps, and a 12-week coaching program called The Diary.

Although he achieved incredible success at a young age, Steven quickly found that wealth and success didn’t provide him with the happiness and satisfaction he was expecting. He realized that human connections are far more important than all the money in the world and that we need to redefine our society’s definition of success. He details his journey in his 2021 book Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfillment, Love, and Success

Steven has impacted millions through his top-notch content as well as his honesty and vulnerability in expressing his personal struggles with loneliness and trauma, and we’re proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100.

If you want to keep up with Steven Bartlett, you can visit his website and follow him on social media.

Inky Johnson


“Commitment is staying true to what you said you would do long after the mood you’ve said it in has left.”

Inky Johnson is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world. In 2006, Johnson sustained an injury while playing football for the University of Tennessee that left his right arm paralyzed, ending his playing days and dreams of making it to the NFL. But he didn’t view his injury as anything more than a challenge to overcome, and while his football career might have been over, he found a greater purpose.

“Never take what you do for granted, because at any given moment, you can lose it.”

Johnson decided to share his experiences in overcoming the adversity of his injury to help inspire others that they could, too. In addition to his speaking engagements for many Fortune 500 companies and universities, he has his Serendipity With Inky Johnson podcast to share his message with as many people as possible. He had many notable speeches in 2022, including one at the University of Miami that is being called “A great message everyone should hear.”

Because of Inky Johnson’s perseverance to fight back from a rare, debilitating injury that halted an NFL future and his dedication to showing people that any adversity can be overcome, we’re proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100! 

If you’d like to learn more about Inky Johnson, his journey of recovery, and hear his message, be sure to check out his podcast and YouTube channel, and follow him on social media.

Alex Hormozi


“The hardest standards to raise are our own.”

If you’re active on social media, you’ve probably heard about Alex Hormozi. Hormozi got his start as a gym owner, sleeping in his gym because he couldn’t afford to pay rent on a home and the workout facility. At 26, he was on the verge of bankruptcy, but just six years later had multiple businesses worth millions. His rags-to-riches story has been heard all over the internet, gaining him a large audience of over a million followers online. 

Along with his wife, Leila, Hormozi transitioned from owner to investor, founding the holding company to build a portfolio of holdings in many other promising internet companies. He has also held many mastermind events throughout 2022 to share his insights about scaling businesses, and hosting thousands of other entrepreneurs to advise them on how to grow.

Given his success and mindfulness of his struggles, Hormozi is a very big supporter of numerous charities, donating millions of dollars for various children’s and educational programs in 2022 alone! Hormozi also donates much of his free time to advancing equal access to education and encouraging entrepreneurship in underprivileged communities.

“May you never run out of humility and integrity.”

Because of his incredible entrepreneurial and charitable efforts and continued support of other entrepreneurs, we’re thrilled to have Alex Hormozi as one of our Greatness 100 for 2022.

To keep up with Alex Hormozi and see his insights into business and brand strategy, follow him on his social media outlets!

Dr. Esther Perel


“Love is a vessel that contains both security and adventure. Commitment offers one of the great luxuries of life: Time.”

Dr. Esther Perel is a couples therapist renowned for her expertise in relationships and sexuality. Esther’s parents endured years in Nazi concentration camps, each the sole survivor of their respective families, losing a combined sixteen siblings to the camps. 

“To me, there is a world of difference between ‘not being dead’ and ‘being alive.’ I owe this understanding to my parents.”

Dr. Perel came to the United States from Belgium to earn her graduate degree and never left. She began working with refugees and immigrants, which inspired her to focus on families acclimating to new cultural surroundings. Seeing the dynamics of these families led Esther to shift her focus to the relationships and intimacy issues of the couples in the families.

Dr. Perel has since become one of the foremost relationship experts in the world, seeking to break many of the stigmas associated with discussing sexuality and intimacy to help people forge stronger bonds with their partners. Esther’s popular podcast tackles uncomfortable aspects of relationships, from intimacy issues to infidelity. In 2022, she also began in a role with venture fund Human Ventures to coach startup businesses on building better work environments.

“There is no greater source of joy and meaning in our lives than our relationships with others.”

Because of Dr. Esther Perel’s dedication to helping people navigate the complexities of their relationships, whether they are personal or professional, we’re honored to have her as part of our 2022 Greatness 100!

For more of Dr. Perel’s insights into building strong, healthy relationships, follow her on social media!

Gabor Maté


“A lot of illness, whether it’s the mind or body or both, comes from coping mechanisms.”

Dr. Gabor Maté is a world-renowned physician and best-selling author, specializing in addiction and trauma. He is also the co-creator of the Compassionate Inquiry approach to therapy for healing with childhood trauma that can lead to addiction issues. Dr. Maté’s books have been published in over 30 languages, and he is a recipient of the Order of Canada, that country’s highest civilian honor.

Dr. Maté’s methods have had great success in better understanding the causes and effects of addiction in order to treat it well. In 2022, Dr. Maté released his latest book, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, & Healing in a Toxic Culture, in which he looks into Western healthcare. Despite what should be the strongest healthcare systems in the world, Dr. Maté notes that there’s an upsurge in chronic illness and general ill health. He wrote the book in hopes of prompting these countries to improve their levels of care to better help their people.

“[We need to] learn to read symptoms not only as problems to be overcome but as messages to be heeded.”

Dr. Gabor Maté’s continued work to address addiction, mental health issues, and more are just a few of the reasons that we’re proud to have him in our 2022 Greatness 100. He is making the world a safer, healthier place! 

To hear more of Dr. Maté’s incredible thoughts and insights on health and more, be sure to follow him on his social media.

Stephan Speaks


“You can’t connect with someone if they’re connecting with the fake you.”

Stephan Labossiere, more commonly known as Stephan Speaks, is a certified relationship coach, speaker, and author with almost two million Instagram followers and over a million YouTube subscribers. Speaks has made it his mission to help couples understand each other and themselves better to build stronger relationships. He gears his advice towards both men and women, acknowledging that each has different perspectives when it comes to relationships.

Speaks has written numerous books on relationships, tackling almost every aspect of love, from dealing with breakups or being single to better understanding your partner and marriage. In 2022, Speaks embarked on the multi-city Best of Me tour, educating attendees on what he sees as the five main keys to being the best version of yourself.

“Too many people are dwelling on their mistakes.”

For his tireless work to help people improve themselves and be better partners, we’re happy to have Stephan “Speaks” Labossiere be a part of our 2022 Greatness 100.

Want healthier relationships in 2023? Follow Steven Speaks on social media to learn how! 

Emmanuel Acho


“I was called to this moment. I did not want to do this… it’s what I had to do.”

As the son of Nigerian immigrants, Emmanuel Acho was born into an active family that was constantly involved in missions to Nigeria. He grew up in Dallas with his three siblings and was drafted into the NFL in 2012 by the Cleveland Browns.

Plenty of individuals would be satisfied solely to play in the NFL for their full-time job, but not Emmanuel. While in the NFL, he completed his Master’s degree in sports psychology at the University of Texas. By 2016, he had joined ESPN as a national football analyst, and by 2018, he made it on the 2018 Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Recently, Acho began a virtual conversation with White America regarding racial relations, racism, and economic and educational disparities with the release of his video series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. Since its initial release online, the series has amassed over 70 million views, and extensive notice in the media, and his new book with the same title is a New York Times bestseller, thanks largely to the success of the series.

“Know that when you say you are an ally, you are saying that you are willing to risk your white privilege in the name of justice and equality for marginalized voices.”

Emmanuel also runs the non-profit organization Living Hope Christian Ministries with his family, where they strive to create new medical facilities, schools, orphanages, and more resources for the Nigerian people. 

Because of his willingness to have much-needed uncomfortable conversations and his heart for making the lives of others better, we are glad to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100 List. Follow him on social media to watch his career progress!

Jenna Kutcher


“When we look to the crowd to answer our deepest questions, we move in whatever direction we’re carried.”

If you’re aiming for success and feel you’re still not getting there, perhaps you may have to rethink your approach and start embracing change, accepting grief, and investing in yourself. And Jenna Kutcher is a perfect role model for learning how to do all of these things and more.

Jenna is an inspirational educator, popular online personality, host, and creator of the top-rated Goal Digger Podcast, where she helps thousands of people chase bold dreams and redefine success. Born and raised in Minnesota, Jenna is a dedicated wife, mother, and a successful entrepreneur who aims for two things: helping others wake up to life and staying in comfy pants. 

In 2022, she released the New York Times bestselling book, How Are You, Really, which helps you break free from hustling harder and the mandatory 5 AM wake up routine by building a vision for your life that is unapologetically genuine to who you really are and what you want. The book is also a bestseller in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Amazon, and Publishers Weekly. So, it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss! 

Because of Jenna’s drive to help others succeed and her determination to find personal greatness in her own life, we are proud to include her in 2022’s Greatness 100. If you want to get more wisdom from Jenna and get a blast of inspiration about creating the life of your dreams with genuine happiness, check out her website and social media:

Jason Sudeikis


“Each experience I go through — marriage, my public life, my personal life — I’m learning as I go.”

Regardless of where your interests lie, Jason Sudeikis has become a household name since the release of the smash-hit Apple TV series Ted Lasso, in which Sudeikis stars and has earned an Emmy win for his portrayal as the lead character. 

However, even before Ted Lasso, Jason quickly joined the ranks of universally-recognized celebrities. He was hired as a sketch writer for Saturday Night Live in 2003 before becoming a featured cast member in 2006, where he remained until his exit in 2013. 

Jason is not merely a popular comedic actor, however, as he is deeply involved in many philanthropic endeavors. Amid the success of Ted Lasso, Sudeikis has returned home to host the annual benefit concert, “Thundergong!” — a charity that helps raise money for amputees without health coverage to pay for prosthetic limbs through the Steps for Faith Foundation. He is also a founding member of the Big Slick, which has raised millions for Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospital since it began.

“Being polite and grateful will make people more inclined to help you. And if people are willing to help you, you may accidentally get something you want.”

Recently, Sudeikis donated a 30-minute Zoom call to Homes for Troops, a group that raises money to build specially adapted custom homes for injured veterans. We applaud Jason’s commitment to charity work and are proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100 list. 

Follow his social media accounts to stay in touch with all of his work!

Jaspreet Singh


“You can’t beat someone who doesn’t give up. Keep hustling!”

A self-educated serial entrepreneur and licensed attorney, Jaspreet Singh has dedicated his life to spreading financial education. He is the founder of Minority Mindset and host of the Minority Mindset YouTube channel, which has over a million subscribers. 

Jaspreet didn’t start with a career in finance, especially not financial education, but his passion for the potential and altruistic goal of Minority Mindset were too strong of a pull. Singh states that the “minority mindset” has nothing to do with how you look but rather how you think. It’s built around the philosophy that you can gain the financial freedom you are looking for — all it takes is changing your mindset and learning more about how money works.

“Your mind dictates your actions, so you first have to believe that somebody like you can do it from your position.”

We were happy to feature Jaspreet on The School of Greatness podcast multiple times this year. During one of his visits, he unpacked how to manage your emotions around money and gave actionable instructions on how you can create future wealth. Jaspreet’s insight is both calming and actionable, like so many of his messages are intended to be.

Jaspreet empowers others into financial freedom through his passion for knowledge and drive to help others, and that is why we are honored to place him among the Greatness 100.

Engage with Jaspreet and learn more about Minority Mindset on social media at:



“If you can access the spirit of creation within you, you will for sure live a magical life.”

Sadhguru is an Indian mystic whose social media popularity has exploded recently from his teachings that promote harmony between mind, body, and spirit. He believes that we can achieve our spiritual awakening through yoga and meditation.

Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation began changing lives in January of 1992 and is entirely run by volunteers with the help of donations. The Isha Foundation brings a range of programs like yoga and meditation through its dedicated volunteer base and acts as a model for human empowerment and community upliftment. 

Isha’s social outreach initiatives range from environmental, educational, health, and community revitalization.

“How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is.”

In 2022, he launched the ScoreForSoil campaign, an initiative designed to raise awareness about how the world is losing a football field’s worth of topsoil every five seconds. His tireless efforts have seen 81 countries commit to joining the soil regeneration policy

Because of Sadhguru’s dedication to uplifting others through simple practices like yoga and meditation, he embodies the determination to help others experience and express their divinity. The scale at which his non-profit is reaching others striving for greatness, as well as his contribution to raising awareness to save our soil, is why we are proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

If you’d like to learn from Sadhguru, or simply follow his progress with his various initiatives, be sure to follow him on social media, where he regularly shares his wisdom and knowledge of well-being.

Tony Robbins


“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

If you browse any self-improvement aisle at a bookstore, you won’t have to search very long to find something related to the work of Tony Robbins. Robbins is a successful businessman, philanthropist, and the most sought-after life and business consultant in the country. He has been in the self-improvement space since the early 90s and continues to inspire people today.

He has also written six books that are worldwide best-sellers, including MONEY: Master the Game, which was the #1 financial book in the New York Times in 2014, and UNSHAKEABLE: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. His newest book, LIFE FORCE: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life and Those You Love, was published in February of 2022.

Through his audio programs, instructive films, and live seminars, he has helped over 50 million people in over 100 countries. Tony’s business and self-improvement activities have been inspiring and entertaining millions of people for over 45 years. 

More than 2,000 grants and other resources have been given out through the Tony Robbins Foundation to health and human service organizations, including a life-changing curriculum that has been implemented in 1,700+ correctional facilities and the foundation’s youth programs that have brought together thousands of young leaders from around the world.

As a pillar for inspirational speakers everywhere, his work speaks for itself as to why he has made it onto the 2022 Greatness 100. To stay up to date on all things Tony Robbins, check him out on social media!

Bozoma Saint John


“I think women have a unique talent of seeing the forest and the trees at the same time.”

The very definition of badass is Bozoma Saint John, and that’s not being hyperbolic. The course she designed and taught at Harvard Business School, based on her career, is called The Anatomy of a Badass. Bozoma has been named to just about every major business and cultural best of and who’s who list imaginable, but in 2021 she ranked number one in Forbes’ 2021 ranking of the World’s Most Influential CMOs

Saint John developed her Badass Workshop to help anyone expand their boundaries for career, health and wellness, lifestyle, relationships, goals, and so much more. In 2020, Bozoma launched a podcast with renowned journalist Katie Couric, “Back to Biz with Katie and Boz,” which explores the ways thought leaders, CEOs, and innovators are responding to societal shifts. The podcast encapsulates how she approaches all of her projects, or as she says, “living out loud.” 

She is no doubt legendary, and in 2022 announced her memoir would be published by Viking Books. This iconic voice tells her story of thriving in the face of grief and hardship and how she managed to succeed after the loss of her husband. 

Because of both her incredibly accomplished career as a businesswoman and how she’s turned her struggles into a model of success that can educate and aid countless others, Bozoma Saint John is part of our 2022 Greatness 100 list.

Learn about her upcoming memoir and where you can pre-order it here, and keep up with her badass life by following her on social media!

Dr. Caroline Leaf


“Understand the concept that your mind is not your brain and your mind changes your brain.”

For over forty years, Dr. Caroline Leaf has dedicated her life to cognitive neuroscience. She’s spent that time focused on the mind-brain connection, the nature of mental health, and memory formation. 

Dr. Leaf is outspoken about the mind-brain connection and the importance of doing regular identity checks with ourselves to understand best how we’re experiencing certain situations, such as periods of high stress or anxiety. She’s cracked the code about why we tell ourselves things we don’t mean and how to detox our brain from mental issues.

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a fiercely, uniquely talented person whose mission to understand will benefit so many more on top of those it already has. She’s driven by her years working with teachers and the underprivileged students they taught in South Africa. It was there that she first developed her theory about how we build memory and learn. 

Later, she developed her research into a set of teachable tools and processes which have gone on to aid the lives of those with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (Cand TE), and learning disabilities. Her work with mental health issues has been transformative for many, and one of the reasons she was a speaker at the 2022 Summit of Greatness

“The first step toward improved mental health is allowing yourself to be vulnerable.”

Her teachings about reshaping the mind give people the tools they need to change, and we are so pleased to put Dr. Leaf on the Greatness 100. Read more about her breakthrough science, tools, and Neurocycle app on her website. You can stay up to date with all of Dr. Leaf’s teachings on her social media channels.

Sara Blakely


“I did not have the most experience in the industry, but I cared the most.”

Innovation takes dedication, courage, and an unbridled belief in your product. Sara Blakely, the inventor and founder of Spanx, used those three tenets to build herself into a self-made billionaire

You might know Sara as the CEO who, once Spanx reached a billion-dollar valuation, gifted her employees two first-class plane tickets and $10,000 as a sign of appreciation and respect for their work in helping Spanx reach new heights. But you might not know that she also gives back with her brand through the Spanx Foundation, which has donated millions to charities around the world, focusing on charities that empower underserved women and girls. 

As a true entrepreneur and Greatness icon, Sara turned her frustration into a mission. What began as a job uniform requirement became a new industry — Sara developed Spanx to solve a comfort and look issue with traditional pantyhose. Her brand grew in popularity when it landed the esteemed honor of being one of Oprah’s favorite things. 

Sara’s unique talent of recognizing a gaping hole in a marketplace and desire to give back with her brand makes us proud to include her in the Greatness 100. Check her out on The School of Greatness to get a deeper understanding of how her struggles help define her successes, and how this mother of four finds balance and time to focus on what matters most. 

If you are interested in learning more about what Sara Blakely has to say, her social media is a great place to get snippets of her life and leadership mentalities.

Brené Brown


“You have to walk through vulnerability to get to courage; therefore – embrace the suck.”

For the last twenty years, Brené Brown has dedicated her career to the study of courage, empathy, vulnerability, and shame. She’s a highly regarded research professor and host of not one, but two leading podcasts on Spotify: Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead

Brené Brown is dedicated to helping others understand the complexity of human emotions and the full spectrum of how our emotions impact our daily lives. Brené’s work goes well beyond the science of it; her dedication to understanding and empathy helps thousands process their emotions while seeing the value in their own stories. Her books and talks deliver rapid-fire information that captivates audiences and connects them more with their inner selves. 

“You’re only as sick as your secrets.”

With a motto of “courage over comfort,” Brené Brown continues to be a dedicated and accomplished speaker and author. Through her work, she represents a core pillar of Greatness, which is making a positive impact on a larger scale. 

Brené Brown’s ongoing focus on delivering emotional understanding through writing and speaking continues to help countless others increase their self-love, and is one of the many reasons why we are proud to include her in this year’s Greatness 100.

If you’re interested in learning more about Brené Brown’s extensive work, check out her website and social media, where you can preview her books, peek into her research philosophy, and more. 

Dr. Ramani Durvasula


“The narcissist is like a bucket with a hole in the bottom — no matter how much you put in, you can never fill it up.”

If you’ve ever dealt with a narcissist, it’s possible you might have sought advice on how to navigate that relationship from the teachings of Dr. Ramani Durvasula. Dr. Durvasula is both a licensed clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at California State University, Los Angeles.

She is also the CEO and founder of LUNA Education, Training, and Consulting, a company that offers a variety of programs focused on educating clinicians, survivors, businesses, and coaches on the impact that narcissism has on wellness, health, and functioning. Her work has been showcased on a number of different media outlets, including BravoTV, Red Table Talk, and The Today Show, among others. 

Dr. Durvasula is also an established author. In her book titled Don’t You Know Who I Am: How to Stay Sane in the Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility, she tackles the issues of entitlement and incivility that plague our society in the present era. Dr. Ramani is also the author of Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving a Relationship With a Narcissist, a survival guide for modern relationships. 

Recently, Dr. Durvasula has started her own podcast on iHeart Radio titled Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani where she teaches listeners how to spot warning signs that someone they know might have narcissistic personality disorder. 

Dr. Ramani Durvasula is dedicated to helping others navigate relationships with narcissists and better understand those who suffer from the disorder, and she is a welcome addition to the 2022 Greatness 100. Check her out on social media to stay up to date with all her work!

Marisa Peer


“My mission is to spread the message that there are simple, rapid, and effective techniques everyone can use that can truly change your life.”

If you’re looking for a unique alternative method to work through your anxious thoughts, you should check out the work of Marisa Peer. Marisa is a globally-acclaimed therapist, a five-time award-winning author of books such as I Am Enough and Tell Yourself a Better Lie, and a renowned inspirational speaker ranging from TEDx and Condé Nast to the Royal Society of Medicine. She is well-known as an expert therapist featured on numerous prominent US and UK television programs.

Marisa is also well known for creating her multi-award-winning program, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), which is a new form of therapy that claims to help people work through various psychological and behavioral issues.

Recently, Marisa has been devoting her time to her newest program, Dietless Life, a 12-week intensive program that promotes a mission statement of reshaping the way you think about food and weight loss for good. 

Marisa Peer has not only dedicated her life and career to helping people overcome their issues, but she has developed entirely new ways to do that, and that’s why we are happy to include her on the 2022 Greatness 100 list. To make sure you never miss out on her newest books or programs, follow Marisa on social media!

Matthew Hussey


“Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re successful. You are successful if you are happy.”

Matthew Hussey is a renowned public speaker, entrepreneur, expert in human dynamics, and dating advice columnist for the New York Times. His book, Get the Guy, is a New York Times bestseller, and over the past 12 years, he has worked as CEO and founder of, where he has established himself as a global brand.

Matthew Hussey is the kind of partner you’ve been looking for if you’re sick and tired of fumbling through your romantic life all by yourself.  His tried and true method motivates women to pursue love by providing guidance that is straightforward, genuine, and useful. As a result, these women not only acquire the relationship they desire but also feel self-assured and in charge of their own happiness.

His success doesn’t end there, however. Matthew Hussey’s videos on YouTube have amassed over 330 million views, his weekly videos are seen by 8 million subscribers, and his newsletter is read by 2 million people every day. After two years on iHeart Radio, his podcast Love Life with Matthew Hussey found a new home with iTunes and Spotify.

Dating in modern times can be immensely challenging, and it’s so encouraging to have helpful coaches like Matthew Hussey to guide us along the way. We are happy to include him on the 2022 Greatness 100 list. 

Be sure to check him out on social media to keep up with his work!

Rachel Rodgers


“I want to see a world where being a woman, BIPOC, or LGBTQIA millionaire is normal–not unusual. How do we get there? One person at a time. It starts with you.”

As a self-made millionaire and successful business owner, Rachel Rodgers has become well-known for her no-nonsense attitude and bluntness while offering sensible advice. Rachel started the multi-million dollar company Hello Seven, which provides training to women on how to increase their income and accumulate wealth.

Time, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, The Washington Post, NBC News, and Cosmopolitan have all featured Rachel and her groundbreaking work. Her goal is to show other women, and especially women of color, how to break the cycle of financial stress, overwork, and underappreciation.

Rachel’s life goal is to have a positive influence on others. Since she has been in many of her clients’ shoes, she knows how important it is to be a reliable resource while also helping them financially. Rachel has taken this insight and used it as the basis for a podcast and blog that reaches over 50,000 women every week. 

Recently, Rachel made an appearance on The Breakfast Club to talk about her new book, We Should All Be Millionaires, which details a realistic, achievable, step-by-step path to create the support, confidence, and plan you need to own your success and become a millionaire.

Rachel is relatable, honest, and a force to be reckoned with. Her drive to help others attain the same success she has found is what makes us happy to include her in the 2022 Greatness 100 list. Check her out on social media to stay up to date on all her amazing work!

Mr. Beast


“My overarching goal in life is to make a lot of money and then, before I die, give it away.”

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as “Mr. Beast,” got his start at just 13 years old by posting videos of himself playing video games on YouTube. As he continued to build an online audience, he studied other creators and continued refining his own approach to his content. As his audience grew, Mr. Beast became the highest earning content creator ever on YouTube, exceeding $50 million!

Mr. Beast branched out his content and created videos focused on giving back. Videos of him tipping pizza delivery drivers thousands of dollars or hosting contests for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes went viral, encouraging Mr. Beast to give more and more. In 2022 alone, it’s estimated that Mr. Beast gave away over $3 million in cash as well as a private jet valued at $2.5 million!

But it’s not all about his online content when it comes to Mr. Beast’s charitable work. He’s also got his own philanthropy website to help feed the hungry, which has fed almost half-a-million people so far. Mr. Beast is also part of the #teamtrees movement that has planted almost 25 million trees throughout the world to aid reforestation efforts. 

“After some point you feel like you should quit, but you want [to help] so badly you just keep going.”

For all of his charitable efforts and continual cultural impact, we’re excited to include Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson in our 2022 Greatness 100.

Follow Mr. Beast on social media to consume more inspirational content and see how he’s making a huge impact. 

Selena Gomez


“I think it’s healthy to gain a perspective on who you are deep down, question yourself, and challenge yourself. It’s important to do that.”

Selena Gomez is an actress, singer, and producer who got her start at the age of 10 on the children’s show Barney & Friends. She continued to grow up on the screen, starring in the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place, and began a recording career, releasing her first album, Kiss & Tell, in 2009. Gomez made the transition into films starting in 2008, the same year she began her philanthropy efforts by being named UNICEF spokesperson.

Gaining a massive following and with the rise of social media, Gomez became a staple of headlines, with seemingly every move being dissected. This type of scrutiny could be hard enough for adults to endure, but she was dealing with it as a teenager. 

Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus around 2013, having to receive a kidney transplant as a result. Her health issues and continued media attention prompted her to share her struggles with anxiety and depression, which is the basis of the 2022 documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.

The documentary has been receiving praise for its honesty and openness in addressing mental health. The film is the culmination of following Gomez for six years and documents her being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and her decision to go public with the news to draw more attention to the need for greater mental health awareness.

“If you are broken, you do not have to stay broken.”

Selena Gomez’s willingness to openly share her own challenges in order to help others with their own mental health is one of the many reasons we’re so glad to include her in our Greatness 100 for 2022.

Connect with Selena on social media to join in on her journey to better mental well-being.

Rupi Kaur


“I was always moved to write about difficult topics because I guess those were the things I was dealing with in my life, so I was really advocating and exploring themes of sexual violence and gender-based violence, and because I was never going to share it with anyone it felt really cathartic.”

Have you ever read a poem that made you feel like the writer actually lived your life, and simply gave a voice to your experiences? 

Rupi Kaur, a poet and performance artist who’s risen to meteoric fame in the past several years, seems to have a knack for that. Her words about surviving abuse, female empowerment, being an immigrant, love, and heartbreak are the kind you want to turn to when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling alone.

For years, her raw, accessible poetry has inspired fans around the world. In 2022, she decided to give the gift of artistic expression to her fans. Healing Through Words is a book that shows readers how to use the power of the pen themselves to heal their wounds.  

“Healing Through Words is my gift to my readers because I want them to know that they don’t need to look for healing in me or rely on anything else. That they have the words they need inside them.”

With several books of poetry out, sold-out world tours, and a unique blend of poetry, theater, and stand-up, Rupi’s work is powerful medicine both for her and her readers. These are just a few of the many reasons we’re proud to name her among the Greatness 100.

Ready to read her work? Follow along with Rupi’s healing journey on social.

LeBron James


“I treat every day like it’s my last day with a basketball.”

If you haven’t already heard, the Laker’s LeBron James is likely about to make history this year. He’s only 629 points shy of beating the NBA’s all-time scoring record, making him one of the most successful athletes alive today. His 2022 season ended with a bang in December, when he scored a season-high of 47 points in front of a sold-out crowd against the Atlanta Hawks. 

Greatness comes in many forms, and athletic ability is just one that LeBron possesses. He’s also known to be humble, down-to-earth, and primarily focused on his team rather than his own ego.

“I think, team first. It allows me to succeed, and it allows my team to succeed.”

LeBron is well aware that not everyone has his good fortune. That’s why he started the LeBron James Family Foundation in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, and regularly contributes to other not-for-profit organizations. He’s also made numerous large donations to programs like After School All Stars and the Muhammad Ali Exhibit.  One of his most notable donations was 2 million dollars to fund the I Promise School, which supports more than 1,300 Akron public school students with educational development & opportunities. 

This exceptionally talented athlete and philanthropist is an amazing role model for everyone, which is why we’re proud to name him as one of our Greatness 100.

Want to follow along with LeBron’s career? Check him out on social: 

Candace Parker


“I’m trying to get better every single day. I look at myself in the mirror, acknowledge my faults, and see where I need to improve.”

Candace Parker is one of the most decorated female basketball players ever. She was the first overall pick in the 2008 WNBA draft following a stellar college career at the University of Tennessee, where she played under legendary coach Pat Summitt. Among her playing accomplishments, Parker has won two National Championships, two WNBA championships, and two Olympic gold medals, as well as numerous individual awards. 

Coming off her second WNBA championship with her hometown Chicago Sky in 2021, Parker and her wife, Anna Petrokova-Parker, welcomed their son, Candace’s second child, into the world. Parker has been very outspoken about the importance of her children, having brought her  daughter on the road with her while playing in previous seasons. Her actions helped show that female athletes can be active mothers without sacrificing their athletic careers.

Parker is a vocal supporter of the importance of women’s athletics and produced the documentary, Title IX: 37 Words that Changed America, in 2022. The documentary recounts the 50-year history of Title IX, which prevents discrimination or exclusion from college activities or programs based on gender. 

“Today I know that there is still work to be done, but along the way I am achieving my dreams.”

Candace Parker’s dedication and support of gender equality, both in sports and the world at large, is a big reason we’re happy to have her as part of our Greatness 100 for 2022.

To stay up-to-date on Candace’s playing career, broadcasting, and charitable efforts, connect with her social media.

Ryan Holiday


“Where the head goes, the body follows. Perception precedes action. Right action follows the right perspective.”

Where do you put most of your energy? Is it on the things you can control — your mindset, your self-discipline, your habits — or on the things you can’t? Ryan Holiday, stoic philosopher and host of Daily Stoic Podcast, whose most recent book Discipline is Destiny released in 2022, would argue that self-mastery is the only path that makes sense in an unpredictable world.

According to Ryan, without discipline, you will fall short of the success you desire — it’s guaranteed. But how do you stay disciplined during difficult times or when your motivation wanes? Ryan draws from the four pillars of stoicism — courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom — to show you how.

“The benefit of control and self-sovereignty — is its own kind of freedom.”

Drawing from leaders from ancient Greece, Ryan is one of the top modern philosophers of our age. His words will surely bring you some comfort, guidance, and inspiration as you navigate your life. That’s why we’re thrilled to name him among our Greatness 100.

Ready to get started with stoicism? Follow along with Ryan on social: 

John M. Gottman


Most of us crave companionship and want relationships, but it often seems that love and pain go hand in hand. John M. Gottman & Julie Schwartz-Gottman, pioneers in the field of relationship psychology, are a couple who has dedicated their lives to helping change that. 

“‘Happily ever after’ simply means that both partners are known, valued, accepted for who they are and who they are becoming. The goal is to be able to love your partner more deeply each and every year you’re together.”

John Gottman

The groundbreaking Gottman Method is one of the most highly respected approaches to relationship healing around. The decades-old method is considered the gold standard in couples therapy, so checking out a Gottman Method-trained therapist could be a lifesaver if you struggle in your relationship.

“There’s nothing more fulfilling in therapy than watching two people find each other again.”

Julie Schwartz-Gottman

Evidence-based and rooted in science, the Gottman Method gets to the heart of relational strife and gives practical tools to cultivate intimacy long-term. In 2022, John Gottman and Julie Schwartz-Gottman published The Love Prescription, Seven Days to More Intimacy, Connection, and Joy, a handbook for building intimacy that brings life-changing insights to even more couples around the world.

If you’ve ever wondered whether long-term relationship joy is even possible, you’ll be glad to see the Gottmans themselves, along with countless other couples they’ve helped, as examples. For their invaluable contribution to couples everywhere, we’re happy to name John and Julie Gottman among the Greatness 100. 

Ready to improve your relationship? Check the Gottman Method out on social.

Stephen Curry


“Success is not an accident, [it] is actually a choice.”

Stephen Curry is widely considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time and perhaps the best shooter ever. Curry is a four-time NBA champion and two-time league MVP, but he is so much more than a basketball player.

He is also very active in philanthropic efforts, donating mosquito nets for every three-point shot he makes via the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign to aid malaria prevention. Curry and his wife also launched the Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation in support of children’s causes in 2019. 

Sports Illustrated named Curry their 2022 Sportsperson of the Year in light of his leading the Golden State Warriors to their fourth championship and winning his first Finals MVP award. But did you know that he also completed his degree at Davidson University 13 years after embarking on his NBA career? In addition, Curry provided seed funding for men’s and women’s golf teams at Howard University, a historically Black school, and started the Underrated Golf Tour, a junior circuit designed to make the game more inclusive.

“I’ve been blessed with talents to play this game, and [I’ve] been put on a stage to impact a lot of people. I don’t want to take that for granted.”

For his continued excellence both on and off the basketball court, we’re excited to include Stephen Curry as a part of our 2022 Greatness 100.

To keep up with Stephen’s efforts in sports and charity, be sure to connect with him on social media.

Lionel Messi


“You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard at it.”

Lionel Messi is considered one of the greatest soccer players ever to set foot on the field, amassing a record 7 Ballon d’Or awards recognizing him as that season’s most outstanding male player. Born and raised in central Argentina, Messi has been a fixture of the country’s World Cup team in every tournament since 2004. 

In 2022, at the age of 35, Messi played in his fifth and last World Cup for Argentina. He had never managed to lead his country to the title in his four previous trips but was determined to do everything he could to bring the Cup back from Qatar. Just 10 minutes into their match against Saudi Arabia, Messi scored the first goal of the entire tournament on a penalty kick, becoming the first Argentinian player ever to score in four World Cups. Even though Messi’s squad would be defeated in a shocking upset by the Saudi team, Argentina ultimately accomplished their goal of winning the Cup.

Since its creation in 2007, the Leo Messi Foundation has supported numerous charitable efforts around the globe with a focus on improving the lives of children and improving healthcare. Messi is also a major contributor to UNICEF’s efforts to aid children worldwide, has funded children’s leukemia research, and has even provided schools for Syrian students.

“For my part, I try to do my bit to make people’s lives more bearable, in particular children across the globe who are having problems.”

Lionel Messi’s staunch support of causes around the world and his accomplishments on the field are just a couple of the reasons we’ve included him in our Greatness 100 for 2022.

To follow Messi’s charitable work, connect with him on his social media.

Shawn Stevenson


“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”

Those who turn their troubles into triumphs and show others how to do the same are favorites here at Greatness Media. That’s why we love coach, nutritionist, speaker, and best-selling author Shawn Stevenson. Author of Sleep Smarter and Eat Smarter, his highly rated Model Health Show is brimming with helpful content and shows listeners how to maximize their health, their mindset, and their potential. 

Shawn’s path to becoming a health expert began like so many other inspiring healers: with his own health struggle. At age 20, he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease as his health spiraled out of control. Told that it was incurable, he lived in pain and poor health for years. Life was looking pretty hopeless until he decided the word “incurable” didn’t apply to his situation. 

He turned his life around, beat the disease, reached peak health, and now helps others do the same.  Whether you’ve been wondering how to take control of your brain health, gut health, or weight, Shawn’s got an episode for you. In 2022, he covered important topics like sound therapy, hacks to stay healthy when you’re busy, and building amazing relationships post-pandemic.

“To put it simply, our environment, our lifestyle, and the decisions we make (either consciously or unconsciously) are determining which genes are getting expressed every second of our lives.”

For his outstanding service and inspiring story, we’re excited to add Shawn to our Greatness 100.

Ready to soak in some of Shawn’s wisdom? Be sure to follow him on social.

Joe Rogan


“The universe rewards hustle.”

If you’ve been on the internet in the last four years, you’re likely aware of Joe Rogan’s tremendous success with his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, but he’s much more than just a podcaster. He’s also a stand-up comic, UFC commentator, actor, and professional martial arts fighter specializing in taekwondo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai. 

Joe had a big year in 2022 as The Joe Rogan Experience became the highest-earning and most popular podcast of the year. He started the show back in 2009, and he’s now hosted close to 2,000 episodes. In 2022, the podcast earned around $30 million and drew in almost 11 million listeners per episode. 

This past year, Joe featured numerous noteworthy experts, politicians, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs on his program, including Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, David Goggins, Tulsi Gabbard, Mike Tyson, Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Andrew Huberman, and many other tremendously influential individuals. 

In addition to informing his listeners about a variety of fascinating topics on his show, Joe also has a history of donating large sums to charity. After the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, he donated 100% of the profits he made at his Las Vegas comedy show to aid the victims of the tragedy. He also donated $80,000 to the conservationist organization Wildlife Warriors.

With his ongoing hard work and dedication impacting millions, we’re pleased to include Joe Rogan in the 2022 Greatness 100. You can keep up with Joe Rogan’s comedy shows and other events by visiting his website and following him and his show on social media. 

Muniba Mazari


“We are so eager to gain but how many of us are willing to lose? There are no major gains without major losses!”

Muniba Mazari, known as the “Iron Lady of Pakistan,” is a highly inspiring individual, to say the least. At age 21, she suffered a tragic car accident that paralyzed her from the waist down, and since then, she’s become an active artist, humanitarian, motivational speaker, and even a TV host. 

She’s given numerous inspiring talks across different platforms, including TEDx, and spoke at the Global Leadership Conference of 2016. Forbes even included her on their “30 Under 30” list during the same year. 

Muniba also served as Pakistan’s first National Ambassador for UN Women, a UN entity that advocates for gender equality and aims to end violence against women and the LGBTQ+ community. 

In 2022, the Pakistani network Hum TV awarded Muniba with the Hum Women Leaders Award for her ongoing efforts to promote gender equality and women’s free speech. She’s also currently working on her art brand Muniba’s Canvas.

Muniba has made a tremendous impact in the fight against gender inequality and violence and actively uplifts differently-abled people. Her story and ongoing work are truly an inspiration, and we’re thrilled to include her in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

“In the end, what matters is how many lives you have touched.”

In addition to her many incredible accomplishments, Muniba is also an active voice on social media, providing motivation as well as promoting gender equality and those who are differently-abled. 

Bad Bunny

“People are always changing, and I believe that everyone deserves the space to change and for people to recognize their change.”

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, professionally known by the moniker Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican rapper and singer. In 2020, he became the first non-English language artist to be Spotify’s most-streamed artist of the year. Not stopping there, Bad Bunny became the first artist ever to be Spotify’s most streamed for three consecutive years!

Bad Bunny’s 2022 album, Un Verano Sin Ti, has been nominated for Album of the Year for the 2023 Grammy Awards — the first Spanish-language album to earn that honor in the organization’s 65-year history. The album was also the first ever to be nominated for Album of the Year at both the Grammys and the Latin Grammys.

Bad Bunny is also an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ+ community, questioning the toxic masculinity that’s often a big part of modern-day culture. He has used the videos for his songs to showcase inclusive relationships while also taking opportunities to denounce homophobia via social media. Additionally, Bunny also seeks to break the stigma around mental health by using his colorful persona as inspiration for those who might struggle to be their true selves.

“I have a platform and voice. I should use it for people.”

Bad Bunny’s incredible successes and support of inclusivity are just a few reasons why we have him as one of our Greatness 100 for 2022.

To connect with Bad Bunny, check out his social media and dance to his music!

James Clear


“Be the designer of your world and not merely the consumer of it.”

Even if you’ve not heard the name James Clear, you more than likely are aware of his most famous work, his #1 New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones. This groundbreaking book sold over 10 million copies and has been translated into over 50 languages, and it’s no mystery why. James offers life-changing advice for adopting positive habits while leaving behind the ones holding you back. 

In addition to his tremendous book, James also impacts many with his keynote speaking engagements. In 2022, James spoke at the IT Nation in Orlando, and he’s also given various public and private presentations for multi-billion dollar companies

James also strives to make a significant impact through his 3-2-1 Newsletter, which is all about improving your habits and life. He sends out this newsletter every Thursday to over 2 million people. 

“Success is the product of daily habits — not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”

Not only does James impact millions of people through his expert guidance in habit optimization — he also contributes 5% of all of his profits to the Against Malaria Foundation. This nonprofit donates mosquito nets to families, pregnant mothers, and children across the continent of Africa. His donations have provided over 35,000 nets! 

We’re incredibly happy to include James in our 2022 Greatness 100 because he makes such a profound impact on his readers and listeners, and he continues working to make the world a better place through his expert guidance and charitable donations. 

Want to connect with James Clear? You can visit his website, sign up for his newsletter, and follow him on social media for uplifting content.

Erwin McManus


“The future awaits those with the courage to create it.”

Erwin Raphael McManus is a best-selling author, fashion designer, entrepreneur, pastor, and filmmaker. He’s also the lead pastor at Mosaic, a non-denominational church based out of Los Angeles that has expanded to South Pasadena, Mexico City, Seattle, and Quito, Ecuador. 

Back in 2020, Erwin launched his clothing line McManus Gallery, which combines World War II military materials and other vintage pieces with luxury fabrics. He also authored the groundbreaking book The Genius of Jesus: The Man Who Changed Everything, which explores Jesus of Nazareth as a figure embodying human potential and showcasing how all individuals are capable of genius.

In addition to teaching his congregation, designing clothes, and writing, Erwin presented at the Global Leadership Network’s 2022 GLSnext series along with Ryan Holiday during 2022 — you can learn from their presentations on GLS On-Demand. He was also a guest speaker at the 2022 Summit of Greatness

“You may not need to be great, but the world needs your greatness.”

What makes Erwin an especially insightful and impactful thought leader is his devotion to becoming the best version of himself while also growing in his faith. He’s inspired millions through his books, services, and his podcast, The Genius Of, where he interviews creators and innovators to uncover what it takes to unlock personal genius. 

Because of these reasons and more, we’re happy to include him in 2022 Greatness 100!

You can connect with Erwin McManus and keep up-to-date with his many projects through his social media.

Oprah Winfrey


“Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”

Oprah Winfrey, sometimes known as the “Queen of All Media,” is a powerhouse entrepreneur, talk show host, actress, author, producer, and philanthropist. 

This past year, Oprah executive produced the television series Queen Sugar, Cherish the Day, The Hair Tales, and The Kings of Napa, and released the documentary The Color of Care, which spotlights issues regarding racial inequality when it comes to healthcare access. She also appeared in and produced Sidney, a documentary about legendary black actor Sidney Poitier.

In addition to her ongoing contributions to television and cinema, Oprah also made tremendous strides with the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation. Her organization’s mission is to make a global impact empowering women and children by providing funds for education, food, and community outreach. 

In 2022, Oprah also kicked off Project Angel Food’s third annual Lead with Love telethon. The event’s proceeds went toward feeding the critically sick in Los Angeles County. 

“The best gift anyone can give, I believe, is the gift of sharing themselves.”

With her work promoting racial and economic equality and the huge impact she’s made through her creative endeavors and philanthropy, we’re incredibly proud to include Oprah Winfrey in the 2022 Greatness 100.

If you want to keep up with everything in Oprah’s world, you can visit her website and follow her on social media. 



“Give your growth time ― it took me 10 years, and I’m still not 100% there.”

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, better known as musical artist Lizzo, was all over the media in 2022. She released her fourth album, Special, during the summer and embarked on a tour in support of it. But Lizzo also made headlines by showcasing her skills as a classically trained flute player with a stunning performance playing a crystal flute that had been gifted to President James Madison back in 1813.

Despite some criticism she received following the performance, Lizzo continued to prove her impact goes far beyond that of a musician. She consistently uses her stature as a platform to address many issues, ranging from body positivity to inclusion. At the People’s Choice Awards, instead of an acceptance speech following her winning an award, Lizzo took the opportunity to bring attention to the female activists fighting for Indigenous, transgender, religious, and cultural equity, among other causes. 

“If I’m the People’s Champ, I don’t need a trophy for championing people. Ever since the beginning of my career, I’ve used my platform to amplify marginalized voices.”

For being a voice for inclusion and using her platform to spotlight those in need of more representation, we’re honored to include Lizzo in our 2022 Greatness 100.

Check out Lizzo’s social media to see more of her positivity and be inspired!

Lex Fridman


“Life is more fun when you help people succeed.”

The most talked about topic in tech for the last few years is artificial intelligence, and Lex Fridman is knee-deep in the revolution. Lex is a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who is most recently known for his excellent and viral appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Even though he’s a renowned thinker, podcaster, and scientist Lex Fridman really just wants to help people. One listen to his podcast, and you’ll see how empathetic and problem-solving, not problem-building, his approach is. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Lex recently made headlines by taking to Twitter and offering current Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, a way out of running the company. He volunteered to take over the role himself, for no salary but with a single aim — to make Twitter a better place. 

“Focus on great engineering and increasing the amount of love in the world.”

With all he’s got going on, Lex remains a believer in the power of love and humanity — two core beliefs of those in our Greatness 100.

Check out Lex Fridman’s podcast to hear what other great ideas he’s coming up with, and for the most recent thoughts, his Twitter account is a great follow. 

Dr. Nicole LePera


“My inner archetype is an Overachiever, so I usually get agitated and stressed with one negative review about my work. But my archetype also taught me how to deal with it.”

Holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera is on a mission to help people achieve mental wellness through a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. What started as sharing thoughts on self-healing to a few hundred followers on Instagram has turned into an audience of over 1.5 million.

Dr. LePera is helping disrupt the mental health industry by empowering others to understand how much they can achieve through self-healing and connecting their mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Nicole created the SelfHealers Circle to help and guide people to go on their journeys and create who they want to become. 

“The main issue with clinical psychology is a lack of empowerment. We are now showing people the power of choice, habit, and environment that they can change if they do the work.”

Because of her powerful sense of self-drive and the mission of helping others by breaking down traditional approaches to mental wellness, Dr. Nicole LePera is a perfect fit for the Greatness 100.

Get inspired to begin your self-healing journey by following Dr. LePera on social media and by getting your copy of her book and meditations today!

Adam Grant


“The advice that we normally get is to practice what we preach. I think that’s backward.”

Adam Grant’s day job is being Wharton’s top-rated professor for 7 straight years. However, most know him for his TED Talks and podcast, ReThinking. Grant is an organizational psychologist and a leading expert on how we can find motivation and meaning, rethink assumptions, and live more generous and creative lives. Additionally, he’s been recognized as one of the world’s 10 most influential management thinkers and mentioned in Fortune’s 40 under 40.

Dr. Grant is also the author of multiple bestsellers, including his most recent book, Think Again, which weaves narrative and research to help readers build their intellectual muscle to not only be more curious about the world they live in, but how they can affect change in the world, as well.

“When you go to school, you don’t go to affirm what you already believe. You show up to evolve what you believe.”

Adam’s ability to educate through understanding and personal experience is part of what makes his works so compelling, and how so many have found support, answers, and new pathways to learning from him. This esteemed thinker and educator embodies so many of the Greatness qualities, and that’s why we have selected him for the Greatness 100.

Read more about Adam’s lectures and thoughts on his social media:

Wim Hof


“I’m not afraid to die, but I am afraid to not live.”

Wim Hof is a Dutch extreme athlete who has trained tirelessly to master his breathing and blood circulation so that he can endure the most extreme conditions. The Wim Hof Method, his one-of-a-kind breathing method, has exploded in popularity in recent years, and he has also authored a book by the same name.

Controlled hyperventilation, also known as power breathing, is the emphasis of Wim’s method, which elicits a brief stress response on purpose and can strengthen one’s ability to withstand stress in the future.

Hof is known as “The Iceman” for his many cold-related world records, such as climbing Kilimanjaro while wearing shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle while barefoot, and standing in a container coated with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes. He has trained so intensely that he can regulate his respiration, heart rate, and blood circulation to the point where he can withstand extremely cold or hot conditions with no effect on his body. 

“Over time, we as humans have developed a different attitude towards nature and we’ve forgotten about our inner power.”

Wim Hof is just about the closest thing to a superhero that we are going to see in real life, and we couldn’t be more excited to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100. To keep up with his work and all things Wim Hof, follow him on social media!

Natalie Portman


“Social networking is playing a huge role in creating awareness and mobilizing support for all kinds of common interests. What better way to use this remarkable tool than to change the world?”

Natalie Portman got her start in acting at just 12 years old when she debuted to critical acclaim in the film Leon: The Professional. Shortly after being cast by George Lucas for the Star Wars prequel movies, Portman reduced her acting work in order to pursue a degree in psychology from Harvard University. She returned from school in full force and has since starred in many acclaimed films, including Black Swan, for which she won an Oscar for Best Actress.

Portman returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2022, reprising her role as astrophysicist Dr. Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder. She underwent a massive transformation for the role, bulking up to portray the Foster version of Thor. Pictures of her hit the internet prior to the film’s release and caused a stir based on her new physique.

“It was surreal playing this role and such an incredible opportunity. It’s not common to have a 5’3” actress like me get cast to play a six-foot superhero character.”

Beyond her acting success, Portman has been active in supporting many different causes important to her. As an Israeli-born American, the rise of one particular social issue brought her to action — racially-charged speech on social media. Portman took to her Instagram to call on people to end using social media as an outlet for discriminatory speech under the guise of free speech.

“This hatred must be combated with boundless love for each other.”

Natalie Portman’s Hollywood successes and work toward solving social issues have led us to make her a part of our 2022 Greatness 100.

If you’d like to learn more about the causes that Portman passionately supports, connect with her social media.

Emma Watson


“If you truly pour your heart into what you believe in, even if it makes you vulnerable, amazing things can and will happen.”

If you’re a fan of the global pop culture phenomenon Harry Potter, then Emma Watson is already a household name. Emma began her acting career at an early age when she starred as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, but she has accomplished so much more since then. 

Emma Watson has not only left an impression in the entertainment industry but also in the realms of education, humanitarianism, and activism, helping to bring attention to important social concerns. She has been an active supporter of many causes over the years, from the struggle for equality to the protection of the environment, and as a result, has become an inspiration to people all around the world.

Watson was appointed the UN Women Good Will Ambassador in July of 2014, where she dedicated her efforts toward the empowerment of young women around the world, serving as an advocate of the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign.

To kick off the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2021, Emma presented a panel on climate change involving various speakers, including activist Greta Thunberg. Today, she continues her efforts to educate the public about important topics, bringing about reforms that will benefit society and the environment.

Emma Watson continues to use her platform as a successful actress to benefit others around the world and fight for gender equality, and we are thrilled to welcome her onto the Greatness 100 list. To stay up-to-date with all of the philanthropic work Emma does, follow her on social media!

Ryan Reynolds


“I’ve always felt that if I don’t just have a natural knack for it, I will out-discipline the competition if I have to. [I will] outwork everyone else.”

Ryan Reynolds is everywhere. You’ve probably seen him starring as Marvel’s Deadpool in the character’s films. Maybe you caught him in his Netflix films Red Notice or The Adam Project. Spend any amount of time watching TV, and he’s on your screen telling you all about Mint Mobile cell phone services, of which he’s the owner, in commercials. Even if you hop on Facebook or other social media outlets, you’re likely to see some news about him or something he posted online going viral.

Reynolds has a reputation of being one of the nicest, most relatable people in Hollywood, despite the typically snarky characters he plays. He credits a lot of his success to learning about conflict resolution while attending a workshop in his twenties, which he feels has helped him navigate the diverse personalities he has dealt with during his career.

“Seeking to learn about somebody instead — that, as a leadership quality, for me, has quite literally changed every aspect of my life.”

Reynolds has always been very active in charitable efforts, and 2022 was no different. Along with his wife, Blake Lively, Reynolds donated $500,000 to Canadian charity Water First Education & Training Inc., which exists to teach indigenous people how to properly operate water treatment facilities to ensure clean water for their communities.

For all of his tireless efforts on-screen, online, and in the community, we’re so happy to have Ryan Reynolds be a part of our 2022 Greatness 100. To see the wackiness Ryan posts on social media, including his epic back-and-forth posts with wife Blake, follow him and you won’t regret it!

Rashad Bilal & Troy Millings (Earn Your Leisure)


“Every minute you spend commenting on someone else’s life, you take away minutes that you could be building your own.”

Rashad Bilal

After working as an educator in New York for over 16 years, Troy Millings and his longtime friend Rashad Bilal founded Earn Your Leisure in 2018 after seeing the importance of increasing access to financial education beyond the classroom. Now, Earn Your Leisure is an innovative business platform with its own podcast network, a popular business podcast, and an online learning hub.

With more than 50 million downloads, the Earn Your Leisure Show is one of the most popular podcasts of all time and a mainstay in the Top 20 Business Podcasts in the United States. A whopping two million people follow Earn Your Leisure across all social media platforms, and 900,000 people subscribe to the channel on YouTube. 

“We have provided a platform for a healthier conversation. You can either focus your energy on nonsense or focus it on progress.”

Troy Millings

Live events hosted by EYL include Invest Fest, the largest financial literacy festival on the planet. The annual Invest Fest discusses timely topics that are relevant to the process of establishing and growing generational wealth, including how to maximize federal funding programs, investing in cryptocurrency, and understanding taxes. Keynote speakers at Invest Fest 2022 included Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry, and the event drew a crowd of over 14,000.

We admire the dedication to helping others Troy and Rashad possess, and we couldn’t make a 2022 Greatness list without including them. To stay up to date on all things Earn Your Leisure, follow their social media accounts!

Yung Pueblo


“People who have experienced deep suffering and are still gentle with others do not get enough credit to not let the hard things that happened to you win is heroic work, to drop the bitterness and still live with an open heart despite it all is a massive gift to the world.”

Diego Perez is an Ecuadorian inspirational writer who publishes his work under the pen name Yung Pueblo. According to Pueblo, he chose the name because it ties him to his roots as an Ecuadorian and translates to “young people.” Since he created his Instagram account in 2015, Pueblo has taken the world of social media by storm and seen a steady rise in popularity.

He claims that he was drawn to writing after he began practicing vipassana meditation to find inner healing. Vipassana meditation is a meditation style in which “the meditator uses his concentration as a tool by which his awareness can chip away at the wall of illusion that cuts him off from the living light of reality.”

“When we release our personal burdens, we contribute to a global peace.”

Recently, Pueblo wrote his latest book, Lighter, which was released in October of 2022 and immediately made #1 on the NY Time bestseller list. Lighter is perhaps his most personal book, and it details his own personal story and struggles while going into addressing topics such as relationships, letting go, self-love, and emotional maturity. 

Yung Pueblo has quickly made a name for himself as a thoughtful, vulnerable, and timely writer who strives to demystify personal transformation and to go deeply into the understandings you gain as you cross more profound thresholds of healing and freedom. We are happy to include him on the 2022 Greatness 100 list. 

To remain abreast of any and all news concerning Yung Pueblo and his work, follow him on social media!

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


“A person all wrapped up in themselves makes for a mighty small package.”

Dr. Michael Beckwith is a well-known author and pastor, in addition to being the creator of the Agape International Spiritual Center and serving as its spiritual director. The Agape International Spiritual Center is a congregation that welcomes people of all religious persuasions and is committed to fostering personal growth in its members by guiding them through prayer and meditation practices and emphasizing the significance of giving back to the community.

Meditation, affirmative prayer, and Life Visioning — a spiritual technology that Dr. Beckwith developed for conscious evolution, authentic living, and living your life purpose — are all components of the pragmatic approach to spirituality that Dr. Beckwith embraces. 

“There is enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That’s the truth.”

The prestigious Nautilus Award was bestowed upon three of his books: Life Visioning, Spiritual Liberation, and TranscenDance Expanded. Dr. Beckwith also has an app called Beckwith Inspires, which includes vital spiritual tools, technologies, and practices that can assist in altering perceptions and bringing about life transformation.

Recently, Dr. Beckwith was a featured speaker at our very own Summit of Greatness 2022. We are so thankful he was able to attend and share his inspirational work with us, and we are proud to include him on the 2022 Greatness 100. To keep up with Dr. Beckwith as he continues to lift others up, follow him on social media!

Deepak Chopra


“You’re a spiritual being having a human experience. You’re not a human being having a spiritual experience.”

There are few luminaries who have contributed as much to the fields of integrative medicine, spirituality, and wellness, as Deepak Chopra has. With over 90 books under his belt, a nonprofit dedicated to well-being and humanitarianism, and a company committed to the fusion of science and spirituality, it’s safe to say he’s a giant in the wellness world. 

In 2022, Deepak shared his wisdom with a global audience at Global Exchange Conference, contributing alongside other powerful agents of change on topics like addiction and mental health. 

Additionally, his Never Alone global initiative (alongside his upcoming Never Alone Platform) brings together policymakers, businesses, mental health initiatives, scientists, and more to create mental health resources for people in crisis. Its goal? To create safety and connection for those who need it most.

“Simply with a change of mind you can change your life.”

Deepak is contributing to the solution to the worldwide problem of diminished well-being, poor mental health, and isolation. All of this couldn’t be more needed right now, which is why Deepak easily makes our 2022 Greatness 100 list.

Want to learn more about Deepak’s work and mission? Follow him on social:

Nathan Chen


“Never give up. There are always tough times, regardless of what you do in anything in life.”

Figure skater Nathan Chen knows a thing or two about greatness. The 23-year-old set a new world record score in the 2022 Beijing Olympics before winning the gold medal, and did so after plenty of setbacks, including a disappointing 2018 Olympic performance and competing during a global pandemic.

What’s more, he’s currently wrapping up a degree at Yale University, and he released a memoir, One Jump At a Time, in 2022. The book covers his origins as a child of immigrants, how his mom stepped up as his coach when they couldn’t afford one, and what it takes to return to the rink again and again, no matter what’s happening.

“There are always times when you don’t want to go to the rink or you don’t want to do all the things you’re supposed to do. Sometimes you’re exhausted or it’s been a long week, but I always remind myself that this is my Olympic dream and … passion because I love the sport very much.”

Nathan shows how talented, driven athletes from all backgrounds can stay motivated, get creative about their training, and compete even in the most challenging circumstances. That’s why we’re proud to name him among our Greatness 100. 

Ready to get even more inspired? Follow Nathan on social: 

Luvvie Ajayi Jones


“Imagine if we were told early on that the thing that made us different is our superpower, that we shouldn’t be ashamed of it.”

What does it take to change the world? According to author, speaker, and podcaster Luvvie Ajayi Jones, it takes courage and the ability to make “good trouble.” Being bold, fearless, and speaking your truth is what instigates positive change both on the personal and collective level. 

With a media company (Awe Luv) that creates content to stimulate joy, critical thinking, and inspired action, a podcast dedicated to helping listeners cultivate self-trust, and best-selling books about fear, power, and courage, Luvvie’s mission is to help people disrupt the status quo in the best possible ways.

As a Nigerian-born woman, she understands how cultural narratives all too often cast those who are simply speaking up for themselves or their community as “troublemakers.” She turns this narrative around in Rising Trouble: A Fear-Fighter Manual for Teens, published in 2022.

“Imagine if kids were told early that [they] have permission to be in this world and be audacious — [they] can be somebody who takes up space without apology.”

Luvvie was a featured speaker at The 2022 Embrace Ambition Summit: Confronting Stereotypes and Creating New Norms. Her contributions to social change make her an easy pick for our 2022 Greatness 100 list. 

Interested in learning more? Following along with Luvvie via social:

Adam IN-Q


“You will always find the evidence for what you choose to believe. We are all storytellers and the stories that we tell ourselves and other people become our lives. Change your story, change your life.”

There is so much power in our authentic voice. As an award-winning poet, songwriter, keynote speaker, author, and workshop leader, IN-Q shows us that vulnerability has the power to bridge divides between one another.  

His message of healing, self-acceptance, compassion, understanding, and oneness has earned him accolades from Oprah, numerous music awards, a stint at Cirque du Soleil, and a spot on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam.

“We’re holding on to chains / and complaining that our hands are locks / Open up your hands / and watch the weight you used to carry / drop”

His lyrics have been sung by Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and on over 40 songs on Disney Television. Plus, IN-Q absolutely killed it at The 2022 Summit of Greatness, moving audiences to laugh, cry, and marvel at his ingenious way with words and his heartfelt vision for humanity.

He also led a transformative poetry retreat to help emerging or established poets connect more deeply to their voices in Marrakech, Morocco, in 2022. Through his words and his retreats, he changes lives. That’s why we’re proud to name him among our 2022 Greatness 100. 

Want to get inspired by IN-Q? Be sure to follow him on social:



“Determination. No matter what field you’re in, determination will surely get you to the top.”

Zendaya is an actress and fashion icon famously known for her roles in the Spider-Man series of films and the recent remake of Dune. Like many young Hollywood stars these days, she got her start on the Disney Channel, starring in shows like Shake It Up! and K.C. Undercover. Zendaya’s acting work in the critically-acclaimed HBO series Euphoria earned her an Emmy Award in 2020.

In addition to her movie and TV work, Zendaya is a force in the fashion world — she launched her own fashion line in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger in 2019 called Tommy X Zendaya. In 2021, Zendaya received the CFDA’s Fashion Icon Award, making her the youngest recipient of this award in history. Her fashion work also includes being a spokesperson for brands like Lancôme, Bulgari, and Valentino.

Off the screen and runway, Zendaya has been an active supporter of numerous charities for years, even despite her young age. Her work in support of numerous women’s causes, such as the Women’s Empowerment Initiative, has made her a feminist icon in addition to being a fashion one.

“I think women are very powerful, and I think we’re more powerful together than separated.”

We’re proud to include Zendaya in our 2022 Greatness 100 for being such a powerful force in the world. Connect with her social media to see more of her inspiring insights and fantastic work.



“At the end of the day, I refuse to be a slave to people’s opinions.”

The life of an artist is always a journey. Just look at rapper and record producer Logic, who metamorphosed from a teenager escaping horrific abuse to one of the most successful music artists in the world to memoirist to family man. With six studio albums, multiple Grammy award nominations, and a novel to his name, he’s one of the most exciting artists around today.

Logic consciously took a break from stardom too, which is a refreshing change from those who stay stuck on what he calls the “hamster wheel” of chasing accolades and fame.

“I will always be willing to drop everything for my son, for my wife, for my family. I think there’s a lot of musicians who can’t do that, and they may sacrifice precious time, memories and years continuing to chase things like number ones, on this hamster wheel that inevitably never stops unless you step off of it consciously.”

In 2022 though, Logic released a stunning new album via Def Jam Records. He describes it as more true to his authentic voice and vision, something he probably wouldn’t have done in years past. Now that he’s older and wiser, he doesn’t care so much about the public opinions. He wants to be true to himself.

Logic is an amazing artist and role model for those who’ve had to bear the pain of abuse or other challenging circumstances. That’s why we’re proud to name him among the 2022 Greatness 100.

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Laverne Cox


“Everyone is insecure. I think it comes from a desire to want to be in control of how you’re represented.”

Laverne Cox is a three-time Emmy Award-nominated actress, an Emmy-winning producer, and the executive producer of the Netflix documentary, Disclosure, a film that examines how transgender people have been depicted in film and television over the past century. Cox came on the scene as part of the Netflix dramedy Orange Is the New Black, on which she portrayed a transgender inmate in the women’s’ prison depicted in the show. Her status as a trans woman has led to her being the first trans actor to be both nominated and win various awards.

In 2022, Cox was honored by The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS) at the Webby Awards with their Advocate of the Year award for her LGBTQ+ advocacy work. Disclosure was the latest step in Cox’s efforts to educate people on the history of the transgender movement and the community’s path to greater acceptance.

“We are not what other people say we are. We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love. That’s okay.”

Because of her outspoken advocacy and work breaking down barriers for the trans community, we’re honored to have Laverne Cox as part of our 2022 Greatness 100. Connect with Laverne on social media to learn more of her story and be inspired.

Jessica Alba


“I don’t care about being a celebrity. I know that’s part of the job, but I don’t feed into anyone’s idea of who I should be.”

Jessica Alba has been acting since she was just 13 years old, though she first gained major attention at 19 when she starred in the James Cameron-created TV show, Dark Angel. Her work on that show led to high-profile roles in the Fantastic Four and Sin City film franchises. Alba stepped back from acting when she became pregnant with her first child in 2008, and her pregnancy inspired her next move.

In researching children’s care products, Alba was disturbed by some of chemicals used in these products and how they could affect the children they were for. Her research prompted Alba, along with her business partner, Christopher Gavigan, to create The Honest Company to distribute household and children’s products that use fewer potentially toxic chemicals in their production. 

Alba has since expanded the scope of The Honest Company to assist philanthropic efforts. Honest supports parental advocacy groups, community service projects, and disaster relief, and she has made financial donations to other causes. 

“You have to be tenacious. You have to be focused. You have to have a real vision and be extremely passionate about it.”

Because of both her success in the entertainment world and her mission in The Honest Company, we’re thrilled to have Jessica Alba as part of our 2022 Greatness 100. Keep up with her efforts on-screen and off by connecting with her on social media.

Edith Eger


“My definition of love is the ability to let go.”

Dr. Edith Eger is a psychologist, author, and speaker who teaches the power of love and forgiveness. She knows the importance of profound forgiveness because she underwent one of the most heinous events in human history: the Holocaust. 

As a Jewish teenager living in Nazi-occupied Hungary, she and her family were sent to the concentration camp Auschwitz, where her parents were tragically killed in the gas chambers. Despite losing her parents and undergoing horrific abuses, Dr. Edith never let go of her inner purpose and worked to forgive those who committed such unimaginable atrocities.

She details her experiences and journey to healing in her books The Choice: Embrace the Possible and The Gift: 14 Lessons to Save Your Life

In 2022, Dr. Edith made guest appearances on several podcasts and publications discussing her life, healing from trauma, and embracing forgiveness — including Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, The Daily Stoic, and Feel Better, Live More. She was also interviewed for The Zoe Report, Insider, and Health Digest, and she discussed her life and the importance of courage for TEDxSanDiego

In addition to her many appearances, Dr. Edith also offered an incredibly valuable masterclass titled “Forgiveness: A Gift I Give Myself” available on Soul Search.

Even though Dr. Edith is now 95, she remains active in helping others embrace love and forgiveness. She continues making a tremendous impact through her story and teachings, and for that reason, we’re so happy to include her in 2022’s Greatness 100.

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Matthew Perry


“My feeling on therapy is it’s a luxury, and if you’re fortunate enough to get some smart people to talk about life, then you should go for it.”

Most everyone knows Matthew Perry from his ten years on the hit TV show Friends, where he played the sarcastic and neurotic Chandler Bing. He’s also been part of hit films like The Whole Nine Yards and Fools Rush In. Perry started on Friends as the youngest of the six main actors at 24 years old. Having such massive success in his mid-twenties afforded Perry a lot of access to top-tier events and venues and, with them, vices.

Following a jet ski accident in 1997, Perry became addicted to Vicodin, triggering the first of many stints in rehab. He claims to have spent roughly $9 million on his various stays in recovery facilities over the years, finally achieving total sobriety in 2021. 

In 2022, Perry released his memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, detailing his addiction struggles and recovery along with his career. He spent the year touring in support of the book release and shared his story unflinchingly in hopes of being able to help others challenged by addiction.

“The thing that I’m most proud of in my life is that if a stranger came up to me and said, ‘I can’t stop drinking. Can you help me?’ I can say, ‘Yes, I can help you!’”

Matthew Perry’s honesty and willingness to share his addiction and recovery story is just one reason we’re including him in our Greatness 100 for 2022. Keep up to date with Matthew by connecting with him on social media.

Jameela Jamil


“Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you. Learn everything you can.”

Jameela Jamil had her star-making turn in 2022 as Titania in the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Before that, she had hit US airwaves on shows like The Good Place and Misery Index. Originally hailing from the UK, Jamil came to America seeking to become a screenwriter and, while pursuing a writing career, auditioned for and got a role on the hit comedy show Parks & Recreation, launching an acting career she’d never intended on having.

Jamil has overcome a lot in her life, enduring many surgeries as a child to combat congenital hearing loss that has still left her with only 50-70% hearing. She also was diagnosed with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and coeliac disease in her teens. Experiencing those and other health struggles in her youth inspired Jamil to give back to those in need as she gained success.

Jamil founded the I Weigh Community to organize and advocate for the marginalized, promoting activism to give those a voice. She was inspired to start the community by a series of Instagram posts discussing the weights of various female celebrities. These hurtful comments motivated Jamil, who had suffered from anorexia in her past, to bring attention to the unrealistic way bodies were portrayed online and in the media.

“If you’re in the public eye, you’re constantly scrutinized. I was called too thin and then too fat. It’s just a shame those are the reactions people have.”

For her success on screen and her activism off of it, we’re proud to include Jameela Jamil in our 2022 Greatness 100. Connect with Jameela on social media to see more of her story and the work she is doing to change perceptions.

David Goggins


“Mental toughness is a lifestyle.”

Retired Navy SEAL, author, speaker, and elite athlete David Goggins knows how to push his limits beyond what most think is possible. He’s the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces in history to complete SEAL training, Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training, and since his time in the military, he’s set astonishing records, including the Guinness World Record for accomplishing 4,030 pull-ups in only seventeen hours. 

David Goggins continued pushing himself in 2022 as he released his new motivational book Never Finished: Unshackle Your Mind and Win the War Within, which details his mental process, philosophy, and strategies for accomplishing tremendous feats. He also provided outstanding inspiration and guidance on The Joe Rogan Experience and Impact Theory and was a featured guest at Arnold Sports Festival UK.

 In addition to motivating others through his teachings and physical accomplishments, David has also participated in long-distance running events in order to raise money and awareness for the Special Operation Warrior Foundation — a nonprofit organization that provides education and scholarships to those who lost parents who served in American Special Operations Forces.  

“Greatness pulls mediocrity into the mud. Get out there and get after it.”

David’s ongoing work motivating millions to push themselves harder and improve their lives is truly an inspiration, and we’re thrilled to include him in 2022’s Greatness 100 because of his incredible impact. 

Would you like to keep up with David Goggins’ work while also feeling inspired? Check out his incredibly motivating social media!

Robin Sharma


“When we are disconnected from our hearts, we’re disconnected from our truth.”

World-renowned humanitarian, author, and speaker Robin Sharma has made a name for himself through his works The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life, The Everyday Hero Manifesto, and other acclaimed inspirational books that dive deep into living a happier, more productive life. 

Robin is also an active leadership and personal mastery expert, and some of his clients include NASA, Microsoft, FedEx, Starbucks, HP, and other multi-billion dollar companies and organizations.

This past year, Robin has continued his work inspiring millions and helping them uncover their genius through his YouTube videos and his appearances on podcasts and shows, including The School of Greatness and The Daily “Echo,” 

“All change is hard first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

Not only has Robin Sharma made a significant impact through his teachings — he also started The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children, which raises money for various children’s causes around the world. 

With his ongoing work that is inspiring and helping millions, we’re excited to include Robin Sharma in 2022’s Greatness 100. If you’d like to keep up with Robin Sharma and his teachings, you can follow him on social media.

DeVon Franklin


“The distance between you and success isn’t necessarily a yard — it’s an inch. But to get that final inch is excruciating. You have to stay committed.”

DeVon Franklin is an award-winning film producer, preacher, motivational speaker, relationship expert, and New York Times bestselling author of The Wait, Persevere with Power, The Truth About Men, and other phenomenal works. He’s also the President and CEO of Franklin Entertainment, a multimedia entertainment company that produced several box office hits, including The Star and Miracles From Heaven

What makes DeVon truly exceptional is his dedication to helping and inspiring others with his frequent speaking engagements, talk-show appearances — including appearances on Today and Good Morning America — and his weekly newsletter, Mentor Mail.

This past year, DeVon continued creating exceptional content with the BET+ original series Kingdom Business and his memoir It Takes a Woman

“You and I are in control of only two things: how we prepare for what might happen, and how we respond to what just happened. The moment when things actually do happen belongs to God.”

With his ongoing work inspiring many through his books, films, interviews, and presentations, we’re thrilled to include DeVon Franklin in 2022’s Greatness 100.

If you want to keep up with DeVon and his prolific work, you can follow him on social media!

Tim Ballard


“Light comes through serving others. Happiness comes through serving others. Healing comes through serving others.”

Tim Ballard is a former Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security who has dedicated his life to discovering and taking down child trafficking organizations. He dismantled dozens of these horrible groups over the course of a decade. 

In 2013, he founded Operation Underground Railroad, a private organization that works to combat and bring attention to the serious global issue of child sex trafficking and exploitation. He and other former government and police agents work with local law enforcement agencies around the world to combat child trafficking rings and rescue victims of modern slavery. 

The group also provides crucial aftercare for those rescued from trafficking so that they may begin to heal from their unimaginably traumatic experiences. 

Tim’s group successfully placed 141 rescued children in homes in 2022, and Operation Underground Railroad also produced an upcoming documentary shining light on the serious issue of tracking titled The Hidden War

This past year, Tim also appeared in It’s Happening Right Here, a documentary about sex trafficking in the United States and how we can protect our loved ones against this growing threat. 

We’re proud to include Tim Ballard in 2022’s Greatness 100 because he’s impacted so many lives through his and his organization’s efforts to combat child trafficking and exploitation. 

Those wanting to help in the fight against child trafficking and exploitation can donate and volunteer on Operation Underground Railroad’s website. Also, if you’d like to keep up with Tim Ballard and his continuing fight against global and domestic sex trafficking, you can follow him on social media. 

Ali Abdaal


“We’re clearly bad judges of our own creations. We should just put them out there and let the world decide.”

Ali Abdaal is a prolific content creator, former doctor, and podcaster responsible for a highly successful YouTube channel. His content mainly focuses on diversifying your revenue and increasing your success and productivity. 

In addition to content creation, Ali is also in the process of writing a book, and he’s created an informative and entertaining email newsletter documenting the process titled Book Journey

What makes Ali an especially enlightening teacher is his experience as a medical doctor. He’s applied his productivity teachings in his own life as he worked tirelessly to become an M.D. and accomplish other tremendous feats at a young age. His advice for working smarter is truly exceptional, and he offers a number of articles and courses to help you grow in your knowledge and skills. 

In 2022, Ali produced his weekly podcast titled Deep Dive With Ali Abdaal — where he interviews notable experts and entrepreneurs — and co-hosted a podcast with his brother, Taimur Abdaal, called Not Overthinking. He also continued growing his YouTube channel with multiple videos weekly. Some of Ali’s notable Deep Dive guests of 2022 included Alex Hormozi, Matthew Hussey, and Lana Blakely

In addition to being a prolific and inspirational content creator, Ali also donates 10% of his income to charity through Giving What We Can, a community of givers that works with various charitable organizations that aim to help save lives. 

With his ongoing work impacting millions through his educational and inspirational content as well as his generous giving to those in need, we’re pleased to include Ali Abdaal in 2022’s Greatness 100. 

If you’d like to increase your productivity and financial success, visit Ali’s website and social media pages: 

Jamie Foxx


“If you look at how long the Earth has been here, we’re living in the blink of an eye. So, whatever it is you want to do, go out and do it.”

Jamie Foxx is known for any one of his memorable film roles, having played Ray Charles in the biopic Ray and the title role in Django Unchained. Before his Academy Award-winning film career, he showed his comedy chops on In Living Color and his own The Jamie Foxx Show. Foxx is also a Grammy-winning recording artist with ten Billboard Top 100 hit songs to his credit.

Comedy and acting weren’t Foxx’s first foray into entertainment, though, as he began playing piano at the age of five, earning a college scholarship based on his prowess. 

“Actually, music gave me the support when I needed it. I would never have gone to college unless I’d gotten a piano scholarship.”

Foxx uses the wealth his career has brought him to assist a number of charitable causes. The Jamie Foxx Foundation supports health, education, and welfare sectors that generate awareness and help HIV/AIDS patients in Africa and Haiti. He also founded the DeOndra Dixon Fund to honor his late sister, who had Down Syndrome, and the fund will help people living with similar conditions.

We’re proud to include Jamie Foxx in our 2022 Greatness 100 for all that he does to make the world a better place.

To stay up to date on the multitude of Jamie’s endeavors, follow him on social media.

Terry Crews


“Never let anyone define you. You are the only person who defines you. No one can speak for you. Only you can speak for you.”

It seems like Terry Crews has been everywhere over the last decade. Whether it was on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, America’s Got Talent, one of his many movie roles, or even as the OG Old Spice guy, odds are you’ve seen him. 

Even before he got into acting, you may have seen him play during his NFL career. Perhaps you caught an interview with him as part of the Me Too movement when he shared his story of growing up in an abusive home or being sexually assaulted and how he recovered from that trauma.

Coming from a professional athletic background and having starred in many action roles in films like The Longest Yard and The Expendables made his revelations about his childhood abuse truly shocking to many. Crews used his past as a platform to show that anybody could be a victim of abuse, even physically imposing people like him.

“I understand and empathize with those who have remained silent, but Harvey Weinstein is not the only perpetrator. I hope that by making [my] experience public, [I can help] deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless”.

Crews has supported other causes in addition to being outspoken against abuse, spending 2022 taking part in the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s online storybook reading web series, Storyline Online. He also contributes to the American Heart Association and promotes fitness initiatives to improve heart health.

For all of Terry Crews’ work on and off the screen, we’re happy to have him as a part of our 2022 Greatness 100. To check out more of Terry’s hilarious takes and serious views, connect with him on social media.

Dr. Mariel Buqué


“Every day, you are presented with a new opportunity to break the cycle of emotional pain. All you have to do, is take it.”

Dr. Mariel Burqué is a holistic psychologist and a leading expert in trauma treatment. Her practice focuses on the healing of the entire body, not just the mind, and she also implements meditation and movement in her treatments. It’s quite literally total body and mind therapy.

In addition to her holistic psychology practice, Dr. Buqué has worked as a corporate wellness consultant for companies such as Google, Twitter, and Capital One. She also shares mental health tips with an online community of over 700K members and has been featured on major media outlets, including The Today Show, CNN, and ABC News.

“I believe a lot of mental illness in the world has an undercurrent of trauma, and we just haven’t talked about that undercurrent as much.”

Dr. Buqué’s upcoming book, Break the Cycle, explores ways to process trauma through her experiences and those with whom she’s worked. Additionally, she is a sought-after public speaker and participated in the Healing as Homecoming Festival and the Summit of Greatness in 2022.

Her selfless nature, mental health tips, and dedication to service are just a few reasons why Dr. Buqué is a welcome addition to the list.

You can learn more about Dr. Buqué’s courses on her website, and be sure to follow her on her social channels to be a part of her community.

Kayla Itsines


“Success isn’t about money, it’s about the freedom to make your own decisions.”

One of the world’s leading fitness influencers, Kayla Itsines, built one of the first and still foremost online fitness brands in the world. Before it was trending, she grew her social media following into an empire by simply showing before and after photos of her personal training clients. 

Tens of millions of followers later, and she’s still dominating the online fitness space. The SWEAT app, which she co-launched in 2015, has grown into an online fitness community of 50 million. SWEAT programs are workouts designed for women everywhere, and chances are, there’s one for you. 

“My focus is creating workout content that can further support women to keep active through tough times.”

During the pandemic, when many gyms were hit hard, Kayla quickly pivoted her business and created online workouts, including the SWEAT Challenge, to support women like herself, who were juggling family, work, and self-care in a new world. 

If you don’t know, the SWEAT Challenge is a month-long fitness-focused program for women ready to recommit to their physical health. In 2022, over 70,000 women participated in the SWEAT Challenge, and there were members of the SWEAT Community from 196 countries who completed over 650,000 workouts!

Kayla’s dedication to helping others along their fitness journey is just one reason we are proud to have her on the Greatness 100. Follow Kayla’s fitness regime or get inspired to start your own journey by checking out her active social media channels:

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy


“People always assume that risk taking is about one mighty choice. When we put that pressure on ourselves, we may or may not make the perfect choice. That pressure often keeps people paralyzed.”

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy has had an incredibly impressive career as a technology executive and entrepreneur, spending the last two decades founding, scaling, and advising top tech companies. 

Formerly the president of StubHub, she has worked at various tech and media companies, including Google as the President of Asia Pacific and Latin America Operations and the Business Development Manager for Amazon, in addition to serving on the board of companies like Ericsson, TripAdvisor, and Urban Outfitters.

Most recently, Sukhinder was appointed as the new CEO of Xero in November 2022, an online accounting platform with 3.5 million subscribers using their accounting and bookkeeping services. 

“Boards need to turn their attention to the criteria they use for recruiting. If companies’ focus is too narrow, that is going to reinforce systemic bias.”

Cassidy is also an advocate for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and is the creator of theBoardlist — an online talent marketplace connecting CEOs with qualified diverse board candidates. Because of her desire to not just succeed, but help others on their journey and change the face of business, we are proud to include Sukhinder Singh Cassidy in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

If you’d like to learn more from her, check out the links below, where you can find more information on how to take risks and thrive in your life.

Dr. Andy Galpin


“Physiology is optimized with stress, not without.”

Dr. Andy Galpin is a scientist, teacher, and coach whose mission is to demonetize and non-commercialize knowledge so that anyone can use it as they pursue their version of physical excellence.

Andy and his team are dedicated to bringing the world free and accessible high-quality, accurate, and entertaining information. Andy believes you can inspire and improve the human condition by enhancing people’s understanding of human performance through the essential areas of nutrition, health, and well-being.

“Technology is not bad; I use it with every professional athlete that I work with. But you don’t want to completely outsource your physiology to some clumsy tech. Technology is good for calibration and assessment.”

Andy is reaching millions of people through university courses, scientific research for peer review, articles, and podcasts — all of which are located on his website.

Andy also sits on the board of The Human Health & Human Performance Foundation, a nonprofit working to understand human performance, specifically through breathing techniques. Because Andy’s committed to bringing high-quality vital information for health and longevity to the world, we are proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

If you’re interested in improving your physical performance or want to work directly with Andy, check out his website and social media links below to connect.

Bessel van der Kolk


“As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself. The critical issue is allowing yourself to know what you know. That takes an enormous amount of courage.”

Bessel van der Kolk M.D., has spent his career studying how children and adults adapt to traumatic experiences. From his studies, he has translated the emerging findings from neuroscience and attached research to develop and study a range of treatments for traumatic stress.

Van der Kolk was a member of the first neuroimaging team to investigate how trauma changed brain processes and participated in the first research linking border personality disorder and deliberate self-injury to trauma and neglect in early childhood.

“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably ​the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.”

Bessel also sits on the board of the Trauma Research Foundation, an organization focused on promoting clinical, scientific, and educational projects to develop and implement optimal methods and treatments to help children and adults heal from traumatic experiences. His book, The Body Keeps The Score, leans on Bessel’s 30+ years of experience to show how trauma reshapes your brain and body and what you can do to recover from it.

Because of Bessel’s decades of commitment to helping people heal from trauma and the work he does at the Trauma Research Foundation, we are proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100.

If you have experienced trauma and are looking to heal, we suggest getting a copy of Bessel’s book and visiting his website to find out which resource he offers suits you. You can also follow him on his social media listed below.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


“I hate Plan B. People perform better, in sports and everything else, if they don’t have a Plan B. I’ve never, ever had a Plan B.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a seven-time Mr. Olympia champion, a Hollywood action hero, the 38th Governor of California, an environmentalist, and founder of the nonprofit After School All Stars.

Even though Arnold hasn’t competed in bodybuilding for decades, he continues to support athletes by creating the Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to bodybuilding. In June of 2022, he even tweeted his support of an athlete at the Special Olympics who deadlifted 500 pounds!

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardship and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

On October 10, 2022, Schwarzenegger and his charity, After School All Stars, raised over $5 million by auctioning off clothes, personal training sessions, memorabilia, and even a ride in his tank! Arnold is committed to helping kids in America by providing programs and transformative opportunities to develop skills and knowledge to pursue healthy habits needed to succeed in life, school, and, eventually, careers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s passion for helping others achieve greatness in fitness and his determination to overcome challenges in the pursuit of creating a better world, especially for disadvantaged children, is why we are proud to include him in the 2022 Greatness 100. 

If you’d like to learn about fitness, health, or nutrition from Arnold Schwarzenegger or simply follow what he’s currently up to, we suggest checking him out on social media.

Vanessa Van Edwards


“Humans are purpose-driven creatures. We want to believe there are reasons behind everything we do. Before leaders can inspire action, they have to get emotional buy-in.”

For well over a decade, Vanessa Van Edwards has dedicated her career to helping introverts leverage their strengths, teaching “awkward” people to feel more confident, and showing top-performers how to activate their hidden talents.

Whether through her best-selling books, top-selling online courses, or her corporate workshops to some of the world’s leading brands, Vanessa’s commitment to her mission of bringing science-backed communication skills to the board room has never wavered. This led her to creating Science of People,  a company that brings the latest practical and actionable social skills strategies you can use in your professional and social life.

Vanessa has been featured on various media platforms such as CNN, USA Today, BBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, CBS Mornings, The Today Show, and more. In 2022, she wrote a new book called Cues: Master the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication, which was a national bestseller.

“With a first impression, you are a Triple Threat when you use your hands, your posture, and your eye contact.”

Because of her unflinching resolve to help people all over the world reach their goals faster with improved body language, nonverbal communication, and other science-backed principles, we’re honored to include Vanessa Van Edwards on this year’s Greatness 100 list! Read more about her breakthrough science, tools, and resources on her website and by following her social media channels.

Rory Vaden


“Channel your emotion into the excellence of doing something rather than the mediocrity of deciding whether or not to do it.”

Rory Vaden is one of the Co-Founders of Brand Builders Group, which is the foremost authority in the field of reputation strategy research. Their goal is for everyone to find their own voice so they can share their own story and message with the world. Brand Builders Group, which Rory and his wife AJ Vaden co-founded, trains people to develop into the kind of person with whom others like working.

Rory is also a New York Times bestselling author of several books. Take the Stairs, Rory’s debut book is a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, #1 USA Today bestseller, #1 Amazon bestseller, and #2 New York Times bestseller.

Doing the right thing even when you don’t feel like it is the key to developing a great reputation, according to Rory, and is a topic he discusses in his writings and talks. Leadership, sales, service, productivity, and teamwork are also common themes throughout his programs.

Rory is not just a talented writer, but also a gifted and persuasive orator. In the World Championship of Public Speaking, over 25,000 competitors from 90 different countries vie for a spot every year. Rory qualified for this tournament twice and finished second in the world both times.

Recently, Rory was a featured speaker at our very own Summit of Greatness 2022. We believe Rory embodies what it means to strive for greatness every day, and that’s why we’ve included him in the 2022 Greatness 100 list. If you want to keep an eye on Rory as his work expands, follow him on social media!

Daymond John


“Many people go through life without their why.”

Daymond John is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world, thanks to his spot on the long-running hit show Shark Tank. His story began long before that, though, as John got his start at the age of 23 by creating the clothing line FUBU in his mom’s house after she taught him how to sew.

After joining Shark Tank in 2009, John used the show to support other entrepreneurs in launching their own brands, like the apparel company Bombas. He has also created The Shark Group, his own marketing and brand consulting company.

Inspired by his own beginnings and the hundreds of budding business people he had seen on Shark Tank, John started Black Entrepreneurs Day in 2021. In the 2022 edition, hundreds of people showed up for the chance to present their plan to John and others in hopes of getting their backing.

Daymond thinks it’s important to give back and help support people of color in launching their businesses. He remembers how he got turned down for a loan to start FUBU more than twenty times before his mother ultimately had to take out a second mortgage on her house to help fund him.

“I invest in the person first, because in the event the business fails, the person and I can move forward and create another business.”

Daymond John’s continued support of the entrepreneurial spirit and work to help others achieve their dreams are just a couple of the reasons we’re proud to include him in our Greatness 100 for 2022.

Connect with Daymond on social media to see more of his insights on business and entrepreneurship.

Hasan Minaj


“There are all sorts of terrible things that happen around the world. And comedy’s one of those few things where you can discuss those things.”

In our current age of online digital media and oversaturation of content, it can be easy to think as if performers — and more specifically, comedians — are a dime a dozen. Some comedians, however, are far more than entertainers. 

Hasan Minhaj is a comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, and actor of Indian heritage. Perhaps most known for his award-winning Netflix series, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, Hasan began his career in stand-up before rising to prominence as a senior correspondent on The Daily Show from 2014 to 2018.

From 2021 to 2022, Hasan embarked on a comedy tour across the United States that eventually culminated in the release of the 2022 Netflix special, The King’s Jester, in which he returns to his storytelling roots with a vulnerable and hilarious portrayal of a comedian struggling with fertility, fatherhood, fame, and freedom of speech. 

Recently, Hasan had a recurring role on Apple TV’s The Morning Show, and in April 2019, Hasan was included in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. 

We loved watching Hasan appear as a correspondent on The Daily Show, and we look forward to seeing the heights he soars to as his career progresses. He is a welcome addition to the 2022 Greatness 100 list. 

To stay in the loop about future comedy specials and television appearances, follow Hasan on social media!

Glennon Doyle Melton


“Life is hard — not because we’re doing it wrong, just because it’s hard.”

As most of us have seen in the past few years, life isn’t easy. Discomfort and pain are a part of everyday life. Author, podcast host, and inspirational speaker Glennon Doyle wants you to be ok with that. Don’t numb out and escape, but also don’t give in to despair. 

In her podcast, We Can Do Hard Things, Glennon and her cohosts don’t shy away from discussing the tough times in life. In doing so, they normalize taboo topics, show listeners they’re not alone in their struggles, and ultimately, help them to find positive, healthy ways to move through them.

“Here’s my hunch: nobody’s secure, and nobody feels like she completely belongs. Those insecurities are just job hazards of being human. But some people dance anyway, and those people have more fun.”

Her best-selling books Untamed, Get Untamed, Love Warrior, and Carry On, Warrior have been described as epic, brilliant, and life-changing. In being honest and raw about her personal battles, she gives those who might be in despair hope for the impossible.

Her nonprofit Together Rising helps those in urgent need due to the Covid-19 pandemic, reunites separated immigrant families, provides disaster aid in the U.S. and abroad, and much more. As of June 2022, Together Rising had given $1,926,689 in relief aid for those affected by the pandemic.

Glennon has turned her pain into a bridge to connect to others and help them feel understood. That’s why we’re so happy to name her among our 2022 Greatness 100.

Looking for inspiration? Follow Glennon on social:

Dwyane Wade


“I don’t think the world focuses on the positive things enough.”

Dwyane Wade rose to prominence on the basketball court, being named an NBA All-Star thirteen times over a career that included three NBA championships and an Olympic gold medal. Since closing out his basketball career, Wade has become a major entrepreneur, launching his own shoe brand, Way of Wade, his own wine label, Wade Cellars, and entered the restaurant world with 800° Woodfired Kitchen.

Throughout 2022, Wade was all over the TBS network as host of The Cube, an adaptation of a popular British game show. In addition to giving away money to contestants on TV, Wade also helps many charitable causes. Through the Wade Family Foundation, he helps provide resources and opportunities for youth from underserved communities and disadvantaged backgrounds. And Wade’s Social Change Fund United supports organizations working to advocate for indigenous people and communities of color to build a fair and equitable society.

“The thing is, I don’t do these things for recognition, being a positive member of the community. I do them because those things make me whole and complete.”

Dwyane Wade’s use of his platform as a former basketball star to encourage social change and charitable efforts is just part of why we’re proud to have him as a member of our 2022 Greatness 100.

Check out Dwyane’s social media to see more about the work he and his foundation are doing and be inspired.

Denzel Washington

“I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”

If you’ve watched any movies over the last forty years, you’ve probably seen at least one starring the incredible actor Denzel Washington. He’s highly regarded, having won two Academy Awards, three Golden Globes, and even a Tony Award! In 2020, The New York Times named Washington as the greatest actor of the 21st century.

Washington has used his versatility as an actor to portray good guys, bad guys, and everything in between. His roles have raised social awareness, as he portrayed Civil Rights icon Malcolm X, the lawyer of a man living with AIDS in the film Philadelphia, and boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who was wrongfully convicted and jailed for murder.

In addition to his vast body of film work, Washington has been a huge supporter of multiple charities throughout his career. He’s been a national spokesman for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America for years and has also given his time and money to many charities aiding wounded soldiers, including visiting many of them in hospitals throughout 2022.

“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

Denzel Washington’s acting excellence and social awareness are part of the reason why we’re happy to include him in our Greatness 100 for 2022.

Lilly Singh


“Think of discomfort as currency — it’s the price you pay to learn some pretty crucial things.”

Perhaps most well-known for her role in the hit comedy Bad Moms, Lilly Singh is a force to be reckoned with. She also hosted A Little Late with Lilly Singh from 2019-2021 and is a successful TV personality, appearing on shows such as season 2 of Hulu’s Dollface.

But Lilly is more than just a television personality. She has also amassed over three billion views and 14.7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. In fact, Forbes rated Lilly Singh third on its 2016 list of the highest-paid YouTubers, with an estimated $7.5 million in earnings for the year. The next year, she earned $10.5 million and ranked #10 on the same list. Additionally, she was named one of the 40 most influential persons in comedy by Forbes in 2019.

“If you cannot control people, then control your reaction to them. If you can’t control a situation, then prepare for it.”

In addition to being a successful YouTuber, Lilly Singh is the author of the New York Times best-selling book, How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life, and Be a Triangle: How I Went from Being Lost to Getting My Life into Shape, her second book, was just as well received.

Recently, Lilly founded Unicorn Island Productions to develop and produce inspirational and informative stories for film, television, and digital media. We welcome Lilly into our 2022 Greatness 100 because we feel she embodies what it means to have values that exemplify greatness. To stay up-to-date on Lilly’s work, check her out on social media!

Humble the Poet


“You can ride a wave or you can start a wave.”

Life is often compared to riding a wave; it seems that we are at the mercy of whatever current is taking us in any given direction. But what if you could choose instead to start your own wave? Instead of feeling helpless, you could make a choice and take control – the power would be yours, and Humble The Poet is the perfect example of someone who makes waves.

Kanwer Singh, known as the Humble The Poet, is a Canadian-born poet, designer, speaker, rapper, and filmmaker who started with a humble beginning as a former elementary school teacher turned creative artist. Since beginning his creative career, his blog has garnered more than a hundred thousand monthly readers, and he has gained nearly 1 million social media followers.

As a hip-hop artist, Humble The Poet has performed at various festivals and concerts, such as Lollapalooza, and has been featured in major media, including Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. He sees life with profound simplicity and unique clarity and first shared his life’s lessons through his book, Unlearn, which is a Globe & Mail bestseller in Canada.

His 2022 book, How to Be Love(d), explores the simple ways to love yourself for a better life by embracing your imperfections. It very well could be the last book on self-love you’ll ever need since it guides you to see yourself for who you truly are.

Because of the ways Humble The Poet touches thousands of lives and helps them transform into their greatest selves, we are happy to add him to 2022’s Greatness 100.

Check out his website for more wisdom from Humble The Poet, and follow him on social media for a blast of inspiration.

Mindy Kaling


“Women are conditioned to think about female content as tinged with shame, whereas a guy will just be like, ‘I freaking love Middle Earth.’”

Emmy award-winning writer and producer Mindy Kaling is as ambitious as she is hilarious. She was the first woman on the writing team at The Office, which she also starred in, and she’s most recently focused on producing work starring diverse female protagonists. Maybe you’ve seen shows like The Sex Lives of College Girls and Never Have I Ever.

While being wacky and witty, they also helped reshape the industry towards more equality and showed audiences that they can relate to anyone.

“I’m a dark skinned Indian woman, and I always had friend groups that were diverse, and I had just never seen that done on TV. … What I found is that my two biggest hits were these two shows about cliques of young, diverse women. People find universality in those situations. I will never underestimate audiences again.”

Her production company Kaling International was named one of Time100 Most Influential Companies of 2022. What’s more, she only had a four-person team, including herself, as of March 2022, while she was working on seventeen shows and six movies. She’s so prolific and has made such a contribution to media, that she’ll be honored with a Producers Guild Award, joining the leagues of SNL’s Lorne Michaels and Gilmore Girls’ Amy Sherman-Palladino.

For her hilarious contributions to a more equal media landscape, we’re thrilled to name Mindy among our 2022 Greatness 100.

Do you need more Mindy? Be sure to follow her on social:

Rob Dyrdek


“When you can do anything and you choose to do it all, you end up standing for nothing.”

Rob Dyrdek’s mom was always worried about him being bullied, leading her to enroll him in sports, which, in turn, led him into the local skateboarding community. Rob went on to become a professional skateboarder and used his success in that world as a launching point for the expansive media empire he has since built.

Dyrdek’s keen business sense led to the creation of his own skate and apparel brands. That successful brand building attracted MTV to offer Rob a slew of shows starting with Rob & Big and continuing to his current video clip show, Ridiculousness.

Heading into 2022, Dyrdek built upon his latest ventures, the business-focused podcast Build with Rob and his Do-Or-Dier Visionary Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit aimed at providing entrepreneurship opportunities to underrepresented youth. Dyrdek believes in a systematic approach to life, whether it’s how you live or how you run your business, and he’s bringing this same approach to help others create their own brands.

“Greatness is when your personal mastery becomes so optimized that it inspires the masses to be the best version of themselves.”

Rob Dyrdek never seems to tire of achieving more, and that is just one of the many reasons why we’re thrilled to include him in our Greatness 100 for 2022.

To get a front-row seat to the crazy world of Rob, be sure to keep up with him on social media!

Jonah Hill

“It’s really hard for people to see you differently than what you came out of the box in.”

Award-winning actor, writer, producer, and director Jonah Hill had a busy year in 2022. He produced the HBO documentary This Places Rules and directed and starred in Stutz, an important film about therapy and mental health. The film is truly stunning and honest as Jonah discusses his struggles with anxiety with his therapist, Phil Stutz.

“The whole purpose of making this film is to give therapy and the tools I’ve learned in therapy to a wide audience.”

Jonah has a history of being candid about his mental health struggles and self-esteem. After starring in hit films like Accepted and Superbad as a young adult, members of the media were quick to criticize Jonah for his weight and appearance. Fortunately, rather than allowing these hurtful criticisms to dissuade him from acting, he used it as a way to shed light on the problem of body shaming in our society and went on to create and star in numerous films and television shows. 

In 2022, he made a tremendous impact on the conversation around mental health with his film Stutz, and he also helped normalize discussing these struggles by publicly stating that his presence on social media and at public events had worsened his mental health and anxiety attacks. He exited social media and even stated that he would take a break from promoting his films entirely in order to prioritize his well-being.

With the incredible impact that Jonah has made in helping those with mental health struggles, we’re happy to include him in 2022’s Greatness 100. 

Although Jonah Hill has deleted most of his social media, you can keep up with his work going forward through his Facebook and IMDb pages. 

Chef José Andrés


“I always say that I don’t believe I’m a chef. I try to be a storyteller.”

Chef José Andrés is a world-renowned chef, podcaster, and humanitarian who has started 31 signature restaurants around the United States, including barmini, The Bazaar, and Nubeluz.

José was incredibly active in 2022 with his podcast Longer Tables and his new travel show José Andrés and Family in Spain

Additionally, José made a tremendous impact through his not-for-profit organization, the World Central Kitchen. He started the World Central Kitchen back in 2010 to feed Haitians after the country experienced a devastating earthquake. Since then, the organization has been committed to providing food across the globe for those suffering shortages and crises.  

José has received numerous recognitions for his ongoing humanitarian work, including the 2018 James Beard Foundation Award for Humanitarian of the Year. He was also featured on Time’s list of “The Most Influential People” in 2012 and 2018 and was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 for his humanitarian work.

In 2022, he and the World Central Kitchen got to work providing food relief for Ukrainians amidst the Russian invasion. Currently, the World Central Kitchen has 4,500 people serving over 1 million meals every day in Ukraine. José was awarded the 2nd class Order of Merit in Ukraine for his contributions to the country. 

“The business of feeding people is the most amazing business in the world.”

We’re proud to include Chef José Andrés in 2022’s Greatness 100 because of the substantial impact he’s made by feeding many during times of desperation. 

You can keep up with José by following him on social media, and you can donate to the World Central Kitchen here!

How did we select the individuals in the Greatness 100?

In short, extensive research across the Greatness ecosystem and the cultural footprint at large. We realize “Greatness” on its own is a broad term, which is why we paid particular attention to ensuring a wide array of industries were represented. The list highlights some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, authors, and overall movers and shakers making a positive change in the world. 

We started by polling our audience, team members here at Greatness Media, and trusted advisors who have a close pulse on all things greatness. From there, we dove in headfirst – digging into the depths of the internet to uncover the individuals who are making a splash in their respective industries, and inspiring the world along the way. This research took us everywhere from major media outlets to up-and-coming industry publications to niche networks. 

With that initial list on hand, we scored hundreds of potential nominees based on what we define as the core tenets of Greatness, giving points for how well each person performed in the categories:

  • 1.) Uniquely gifted. All individuals considered must possess an exceptional talent or skill that sets them apart from their peers – whether that’s athletic ability, entrepreneurial expertise, or artistic ingenuity.  

  • 2.) Making a positive impact at scale. Messages, as positive as they might be, only travel as far as a person’s reach enables them to. To score this section, we cross-referenced follower counts across different channels, from Instagram to Twitter to YouTube.

  • 3.) Service-minded. Individuals who were service-minded over the course of the calendar year (2022), whether in their charitable donations or company mission or otherwise, scored higher than those who weren’t.

Do you feel like we missed somebody? Send us an email at, and we’ll be sure to consider them for next year’s Greatness 100 list!

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