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10 Confidence-Boosting Affirmations to Repeat to Yourself Every Morning

Have you ever wanted to change an aspect of your life so much that you have trouble sleeping?

You lie there awake for hours, just mulling over how you can make this change happen. Maybe all you need to do is take that first plunge into new territory, or maybe all it takes is a little bit of discipline to get over the initial hump of joining a gym and creating a new routine. 

Even something as simple as the desire to gain more self-confidence can be extremely challenging for many people. 

So there you are — restless in bed imagining all the different ways your life is about to change for the better and mentally dedicating yourself to change — and then the next day comes.

You go about your normal routine: you decide not to go to the gym because it’s raining outside, and you fall into old habits of being unkind to yourself. Despite your strong will the previous night and eagerness to change your life, everything remains the same. 

So, what’s the secret? You see people all the time on social media or on television talking about how they changed their lives and have created healthy routines for themselves and are happier than ever. 

How did they do it?

Changing old habits is one of the hardest challenges to overcome in life. That’s why in this article, we provide a list of our 10 favorite confidence-boosting affirmations to repeat to yourself every morning. These affirmations will help you feel capable, calm, and able to take on any challenges that come your way in life. 

Why Do You Need Affirmations to Gain Confidence?

We all know that humans have a tendency to shine a negative light on ourselves. Whether it’s taking a swing at something you’ve wanted to try your whole life or feeling like you aren’t good enough to receive the things you truly desire, a lack of confidence affects many people throughout adulthood and is not an experience that only adolescents go through. 

However, identifying this lack of confidence is not always as easy as it seems. Most of the time, it’s not visible on the outside and manifests itself as a heavy weight pressing down on you and preventing your true personality from showing. This lack of confidence can even trigger physical issues such as anxiety or shortness of breath. 

Confidence relates to just about every aspect of your life — from relationships to work or school to even simply standing up for yourself when you disagree with someone’s actions or words. It’s all about believing in yourself and the abilities you possess. Many people dismiss their own lack of confidence and incorrectly state they just weren’t born with confidence. 

However, confidence is not something anyone is merely born with — it’s something you must teach yourself with your own actions and with affirmations.

Self-Confidence and Personality Traits Are Not the Same

It’s important to remember that being shy and lacking confidence are not the same thing. Just because you aren’t particularly social or don’t like being in large, loud groups does not mean you lack self-confidence. On the other hand, just because someone does enjoy socializing or is frequently the loudest person in the room does not necessarily mean they are a confident individual. 

It’s important to remember that being shy and lacking confidence are not the same thing.

You may think affirmations are a waste of time and that repeating a few phrases every morning isn’t going to help you feel confident at all. Many people are skeptical, and that’s okay. However, it has been scientifically proven that affirmations can rewire our way of thinking due to our brain’s neuroplasticity. This unique function allows our brains to adapt to any number of changing circumstances. 

Basically, using this loophole allows us to trick our brains into confusing imagination with reality. When you repeat these affirmations every day, your brain starts to accept them as reality. 

How to Use Affirmations to Gain Confidence

If you’re like a majority of people on the planet, you may have a fear of public speaking or simply care too much about other people’s opinions of you. As a result, you may end up holding back from expressing your true self or letting your personality shine. This feeling isn’t unique to you, and you should never feel alienated because of it. 

However, repeating affirmations in front of a mirror is a great way to overcome this. 

When saying your affirmations aloud in front of a mirror, take a deep breath and look yourself in the eyes. Take note of your posture — keep your chin up and stand up straight; let your words resonate and speak them with force and meaning. Say them like you deeply believe what you’re saying, almost as if you’re proving to the person in the mirror that what you’re saying is true. 

You should also make an effort to repeat affirmations to yourself when you’re feeling insecure or anxious about something. Not only will you give yourself clarity on the situation and allow yourself to refocus, but you will ease your anxieties as well. By repeating these affirmations every day, you can rewire your brain to accept the reality that you are important, valued, and capable of anything. 

Our Top 10 Confidence-Boosting Affirmations

Once you understand how the science behind daily affirmations works, you can see why they would be so beneficial to your confidence and ability to change your life for the better. 

Remember, this is just a starting point! Only you know what you need to hear on a daily basis to increase your confidence and feel like your greatest self, so don’t stop with these 10 if you feel like you need more! Create your own affirmations if that sounds helpful to you, and give yourself the confidence you deserve.

1. I Am Enough

Given the society we live in, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you are never enough — you’re never going to be as successful as this person, or you’re never going to be as important as this person. As you scroll through social media, you think if only I could look more like her, or if only I could be as confident as he is. You fall into a routine of always striving, always looking for more, and are never satisfied with the person you are. 

To overcome the pitfalls of comparison and boost your self-worth, tell yourself firmly and clearly: I am enough.

2. Everything Will Be Okay

Life can get hectic fast, so this one is simply an all-around beneficial affirmation even if you feel like your confidence is where it should be. We can all benefit from taking a step back from the chaos of everyday life, taking a deep breath, and telling ourselves everything is going to be okay. 

When life begins to send you into a panic or spiral of worrying about the future or the state of the world, all you can do is bring yourself back to the present. Is everything okay right here, right now? Most of the time, the answer is going to be yes, meaning you are in no immediate danger. You have a roof over your head and food to eat — everything will be okay. 

3. Everything is Possible

When you get stuck in that place of believing you can’t accomplish your goals or like an obstacle is too great to overcome, repeat the affirmation that everything is possible

Many times the greatest obstacle that we have to overcome is ourselves, so reevaluate your situation and remember that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You can rewire your brain to believe that you are capable of anything

4. Today is a Great Day

There’s nothing worse than waking up already feeling overwhelmed. You should be starting your day feeling like the sky is the limit, not like you’re being crushed under the weight of your own insecurity. Change the trajectory of your day on mornings when you wake up feeling like it’s going to be a tough one to get through by affirming to yourself that, in fact, today is a great day.

5. I Believe in Me

When you set limitations for yourself, you are really setting limitations for your infinite potential. The second you decide to believe in yourself and your own abilities, it becomes infinitely easier to accomplish anything you want. When you truly and whole-heartedly believe in yourself, no obstacle is too big to overcome. Look in the mirror and proudly state: I am confident in my abilities, and no longer will I doubt myself. I believe in me.

6. Everything is Under Control

Sure, maybe we can admit that there are certain things in life that are, in fact, out of our control. We cannot control the weather when we’re on vacation at the beach and it rains for a week straight. We cannot control other people and how they react to the world or what they say. We cannot change the state of the world and heal all of its broken parts. 

The purpose of this affirmation isn’t to make yourself believe you can change the world. Rather, its purpose is merely to recenter yourself and remember that everything you can control is under control. You have your life and your emotions under control, and you allow yourself to feel and connect with people. 

There’s no benefit in believing you can control everything because you simply can’t, and you never will. Avoid feeling frustrated and out of control in the world by affirming to yourself you have you under control.

7. I Am Powerful

Careful there, don’t trick your brain into believing you’re the strongest person in the world! This affirmation does not pertain to making yourself believe you can win against anyone in a 1v1 bare-knuckle brawl. Instead, the goal of this affirmation is to gain the confidence that your thoughts, your intentions, and your words have power. 

You have the power to change your life and make that new routine for yourself. You have the power to ask for that pay raise at work. You have the power to rewire your own brain and believe in yourself. You have power in the thoughts you think and the words you say, so use that power to gain the confidence you need!

You have the power to rewire your own brain and believe in yourself.

8. I Am Capable

You can be as specific or as vague as you want to with this affirmation. Maybe you want to feel capable of handling new job responsibilities, or maybe you’re feeling inadequate in handling your stress levels in daily life. Whatever the reason, simply repeating to yourself every morning that you are capable of anything you set your mind to can go a long way in boosting your confidence. 

9. Everything is Going According to Plan

Of course, at face value, this affirmation doesn’t appear to be entirely accurate. Sometimes things don’t go according to our plan, and they change the course of our days or even our lives. For example, getting injured in an accident that results in a permanent disability is certainly not a part of anyone’s plan. 

This affirmation is meant to help you restructure how you think about your life plan. Sure, maybe things don’t always go according to how you planned them, but that is part of life for everyone. It’s not about fitting your whole life into an exact itinerary of planned events, but rather understanding that your life is your plan, and you have the power to change your plan in whichever ways you want. 

10. I Am Proud of Myself

Last but certainly not least, end your daily affirmations by being kind to yourself. Express gratitude to yourself and admiration for all the things you have accomplished. Pat yourself on the back! 

Life is hard and full of ups and downs, but you have overcome every obstacle to become the person you are today. Show yourself some love and firmly and sincerely tell yourself how proud you are. Get specific if you want, and say you’re proud of how you handled a certain situation or even that you managed to go a whole day without engaging in any negative self-talk. Celebrate the small victories!

Rewired and Recentered

When you begin and end your days with these affirmations, you are slowly rewiring your brain to accept these affirmations as reality. You are capable of anything life throws at you. You are enough just as you are. You are in control of your emotions and your feelings. 

Nothing comes easy in life, especially when it comes to working on your own flaws and improving. The most challenging obstacles always have the biggest reward. Your reward for gaining confidence is becoming the greatest version of yourself, so don’t waste time feeling insecure! Start repeating daily affirmations and boost your confidence!

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