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7 Money Mindset Affirmations & Financial Abundance Journal Prompts to Start Your Day

If money was no object at all, what do you imagine your life would look like?

Everyone daydreams about winning the lottery or receiving an enormous inheritance and spending all that money in whatever way they see fit. We all desire the freedom to pursue our dreams and hobbies without the obstacle of finances looming over our heads. 

In truth, however, this is a fictional scenario. No matter how rich you are, money will always be an obstacle to overcome. Sure, the wealthiest of individuals may have a bigger house or a nicer car, but money still plays a role in their lives. No matter how rich you are, everyone’s money is in finite supply.

The secret to financial freedom lies in a person’s relationship with money. You must have a healthy relationship with your personal finances in order to keep money from being an obstacle in your life. A great way to improve your relationship with money is to incorporate affirmations or journaling into your daily routine. 

Keep in mind that journaling and daily affirmations are intended to build confidence and cast a positive light on aspects of our finances — or ourselves — that we would otherwise beat ourselves up about. Affirmations will not magically solve all of your financial struggles, but they will give you a better outlook on yourself and how you handle your money, which can go a long way in improving your relationship with your own personal finances.

The secret to financial freedom lies in a person’s relationship with money.

Before we dive into our favorite money mindset affirmations and journal prompts, it’s important to first understand why affirmations are so beneficial. Additionally, what exactly is a money mindset?

What Is a Money Mindset?

Simply put, your money mindset is the unique set of beliefs and priorities you have about financial matters. 

All of your financial decisions, from vacation spending to long-term savings, can be influenced by your mentality toward money. This perspective is developed over time, drawing on various factors such as personal experiences and upbringing to form an individual’s own distinct view of the worth of money. Your financial influences can be anything from having worked part-time during high school to having parents who were always honest and open with you about money.

A person’s outlook on money is often formed by their upbringing, which can be affected by a wide range of factors. Don’t be frightened by that, though! Achieving financial success requires a shift in perspective, which is not only possible but often necessary. It all begins with taking stock of your current money mindset and setting goals for change.

Remain Positive

Eliminating pessimistic generalizations about your financial standing is crucial to developing a healthy relationship with money. If you want more wealth in your life, you shouldn’t be afraid of money or see it as a resource you can never fully control.

Whatever the number in your bank account says or your credit score may be, from excellent to poor, you can always find a way to succeed. Negative ideas like these should not be given any real estate in your mind. You don’t have to rush to the finish line to achieve success. You can achieve financial success if you take baby steps toward it.

Why Should You Say Daily Affirmations About Money?

You might believe that affirmations are pointless and that reciting a few phrases to yourself each morning won’t do a thing to boost your self-esteem — that’s okay. 

It’s normal for many people to have doubts. However, the neuroplasticity of the human brain has led to scientific confirmation that positive affirmations can indeed alter our thought processes. Because of this remarkable ability, human minds can adjust to a wide variety of new situations.

Basically, by taking advantage of this brain hack, we can bring the changes we want to make to life. You can train your brain to believe in these statements by repeating them to yourself every day. How amazing is that?

How to Properly Repeat Affirmations

While repeating your affirmations aloud, it’s important to relax and focus on the present moment. Pay attention to your body language; stand tall with a proud chin; speak clearly and confidently. Say your affirmations with conviction, as if you were trying to convince your reflection that you were right.

The Top 7 Affirmations to Rewire Your Money Mindset

When you’re feeling insecure or anxious, it can help to repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Your anxiety will decrease as you gain insight into the situation and are able to refocus on it with greater purpose. You can rewire your brain and change your personal relationship with money for the better by repeating these affirmations on a daily basis.

1. I am capable of overcoming any money obstacles that stand in my way

Start your daily affirmations off strong with this one and give yourself the confidence you need to reshape how you view your personal finances. No matter what life throws at you, you have what it takes to overcome it.

2. I can conquer my money goals

Do you have a savings goal you’ve been trying to hit for too long? Maybe you want to invest in your retirement but just haven’t started the process yet. Whatever your money goals are, there’s no time like the present to start working towards them, and there’s no better way to get started than daily affirmations. You have the power to achieve any goals you set for yourself.

3. I want more money, and that’s okay

You should never feel guilty about wanting financial freedom. There’s a popular narrative in our society that you should just appreciate what you have and be content, but that’s unrealistic. Everyone wants enough money to erase their financial worries. Let yourself come to terms with the fact that you want more money by affirming it in the mirror each morning.

4. My life is filled with health and wealth

Though there is nothing wrong with wanting more, it’s equally as important to practice gratitude every day. This doesn’t mean you make yourself feel guilty about feeling unsatisfied with your financial standing, but rather you make a mental checklist of all the things in your life that you’re grateful for. Take account of the wealth you have already built for yourself and appreciate your own health and ability to wake up each day and experience life. 

5. I deserve to make more money

Never underestimate the importance of standing up for yourself — even if the person you’re standing up to is you! If you notice your critical inner voice chiseling away at your confidence and filling your head with negative thoughts, incorporate this affirmation into your daily routine. You deserve good things, and you deserve financial freedom.

6. I’m not poor, I’m just low-wealth right now, and that is changing

Speaking of negative thoughts, it does you no good to live in a sea of pessimism and reaffirm to yourself that you’re poor and will never climb out of this place of financial insecurity. Just like how reaffirming positive thoughts will eventually lead to your brain accepting those thoughts as reality, reaffirming negative thoughts will do the same. 

When you tell yourself time and time again that you won’t do something, chances are you won’t do it. Change trajectories and affirm to yourself every morning that not only are you simply low-wealth, but you’re taking the necessary steps to change that.

7. Today I commit to living my financial dreams

End your daily affirmations with this commitment to living your financial dreams. Allow yourself the freedom to remain disciplined and eager to accomplish your goals. When you reaffirm this to yourself, you make a promise to make your financial dreams a reality starting today.

Why Should You Journal About Your Finances?

Because most of us lack a complete picture of our own mentality toward, approach to, and use of money, it’s crucial that we work to better understand our money mindset. We are being deliberate and strategic when we raise our level of awareness through journaling. 

After all, the ability to reflect on and analyze one’s own thoughts and experiences is the foundation of self-awareness, which in turn leads to improved decision-making. Dedicate a brief period of time, once a day or once a week, to writing in a journal. Try to get as little interruption as possible by putting your phone in another room. People’s preferred time frame can vary widely — ten to twenty minutes is ideal for some, while others prefer a shorter or longer window. Choose a solution that makes sense for you.

To succeed, you must be able to ignore all outside stimuli and concentrate intently. An alternative name for this is time-blocking, and it’s one of the most efficient ways to get things done in a set amount of time.

The Top 7 Financial Journaling Prompts to Attract Abundance

In a similar manner to repeating affirmations, starting your day with positive financial journaling prompts will not only help you organize your thoughts around your money mindset, but it will also put you on a positive track to go about the rest of your day. The following are our favorite prompts to attract financial abundance in your life.

When you have a clear focus and plan for where you want to go in life, abundance is bound to follow!

1. What’s my current money mindset?

Asking yourself this question forces you to analyze how you view money. Maybe you’ve never even thought about it that deeply, and if that’s the case, now is the time to begin. Take your time and get to the root of how your money mindset has been shaped over the years. Have there been any changes recently? If so, what caused them?

2. What value does money bring me?

Hopefully, you’ve overcome the feeling of guilt that you experience when you admit that you deserve more money,  but this prompt pushes you to go even further. How will your life change with more money? What are your plans with your money when more of it comes your way?

3. What do I value in life?

Aside from money, what do you place the highest value on in your life? This can include material things like a new laptop or things like time spent with loved ones. Either way, it costs money to travel to see family or make purchases. What do these things cost? Can you buy everything you want with the money you have right now, or is more money the key to getting these things?

4. If I was wealthy, where would I live?

Don’t get lost in a fantasy land! We all want to live in a mansion on the beach, so it’s best to keep things practical on this prompt. If you had enough money to move, where would you go? Is it possible to move to your dream location with your current finances?

5. What are my personal finance goals?

You should have long-term and short-term personal finance goals that are reflective of your values. If you haven’t come up with personal finance goals yet, take some time to do that. Where do you want to be in 10 years? Keep in mind that it’s always okay to change your goals along the way so long as you’re working towards a goal that you set for yourself.

6. What does enough money look like to me?

Set a dollar amount to your idea of “enough money,” or better yet, define what “enough money” means to you personally. Is it simply a feeling of financial security? Is it a certain amount of steady income?

7. What’s my biggest money fear?

Everyone has fears, especially when it comes to personal finance. What is the one thing you want to avoid at all costs? Is it declaring bankruptcy? Is it insurmountable debt? Whatever it is, using this as a journaling prompt will allow you to come to terms with your money fears and work towards addressing them.

Financial Abundance Is Attainable for YOU

Given the pressures of everyday life, it’s not surprising that many people have trouble developing a positive attitude toward money. There is always room for improvement when it comes to your financial situation and your attitude toward money, regardless of where you started. 

Don’t let your worries slow you down or dictate your choices. Figure out what matters most to you, create a strategy to achieve those goals, and keep a positive outlook. When you have a clear focus and plan for where you want to go in life, abundance is bound to follow!

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